LeBron James’ Chalk Toss Appears Likely to Return in 2019 With Lakers

LeBron James Lakers chalk toss

Getty LeBron James with his chalk toss pregame ritual

The return of one of the most iconic pregame rituals in the NBA is on the horizon. While LeBron James has shied away from his infamous chalk toss before games with the Los Angeles Lakers, he sounds ready to bring it back for the 2019-20 season and beyond.

After Timeless Sports tweeted out a group of photos with LeBron doing the chalk toss, the Lakers star responded on Twitter by hinting at its potential return. Not only that, but he says it could be back this season and stay forever.

It appears James has decided to give the fans in Los Angeles a taste of what he previously did with both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. His pregame chalk toss became a sight which was done virtually on a nightly basis.

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LeBron James Talks About Chalk Toss

LeBron's Chalk TossVisit nba.com/video for more highlights. LeBron James is famous for his chalk toss before every game, see what this nightly event means to the city of Cleveland and Cavaliers Nation.2009-05-18T20:24:35.000Z

In a video posted during LeBron’s time with the Cavaliers, it reveals that his chalk toss was so popular that it would grab the attention of the entire crowd. As seen above, the NBA revealed a video of fans and announcers talking about how much they loved the pregame ritual.

Announcers explained that everyone got on their feet when James would do the ritual and spoke about how much they loved it. Beyond that, you can even see some fans bring their own version of the chalk to toss up in the air along with James.

LeBron spoke about the ritual and detailed when it began, along with how the fans quickly jumped on board with it.

“I don’t remember the first time I started to do it, but I felt the fans started to embrace it. And I started to really set my mind, to get focused on what was at task when I started to do it. Doing it on the road sometimes you get booed, so I love it. At home they go crazy, so I don’t know what made me start doing it, I don’t know … great things happen sometimes.” James told NBA.com.

LeBron James Previously Stopped Chalk Toss in 2014

While the exact game James last did the chalk toss in is unknown, it appears that he stopped at least briefly during the 2014 NBA season. As Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Joe Vardon reported, James first appeared to cut it back and the proceeded to stop it entirely (h/t CBS Sports).

LeBron James now shoots with teammates about an hour before the game and he has apparently stopped doing the chalk toss.

Most players shoot before games, usually somewhere between 90 and 50 minutes prior to game time. James hadn’t done it once all season until Monday night, choosing instead to stretch and go through rigorous calisthenics and body maintenance with trainer Mike Mancias, who’s followed him from Cleveland, to Miami, and back again.

Whether or not Lakers fans can expect to see LeBron tossing chalk before games this coming season isn’t confirmed, but hearing that he’s at least considering it is pretty exciting news.

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