Antonio Brown Fantasy Value: When Should You Draft the Raiders WR?

antonio brown

Getty Oakland Raiders WR Antonio Brown showed off his blistered feet on "Hard Knocks."

From helmet disputes to frostbitten feet, Antonio Brown has not had the best start to the 2019 season causing fans to wonder about his fantasy football value. Antonio Brown’s current ADP (average draft position) is No. 22 making him the ninth wide receiver off the board, per Fantasy Pros.

If you want to draft Brown this year, you are likely going to have to snag him by the late second round. Brown’s antics don’t scare me away given the Raiders receiver is a better value than Adam Thielen, Keenan Allen and T.Y Hilton who are the receivers being selected after him.

Mike Evans is being selected just one slot higher than Brown, and given the choice, I would rather have the Bucs wide receiver. It is a close contest, but Evans can have a big year in Bruce Arians’ offense.

Don’t be surprised if Brown drops in your fantasy draft as owners are scared away by the injury and retirement talk. Many owners were burned by Le’Veon Bell last season causing some fans to be more risk-averse than normal. This could offer you an even better value for Brown than his ADP of 22. The good news is that while Brown’s blistered feet are not safe to look at on an empty stomach, all signs point to the Raiders wide receiver being ready for the start of the season.

Antonio Brown Offers Fantasy Owners a Bit of Value in 2019

Most seasons, Brown is selected in the first round, so there is already a bit of a bargain price on the receiver even if he does not fall in your draft. To be clear, it may be hard for Brown to replicate his 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns he posted last season. Brown is getting a late start to working with Derek Carr in a new offense. Brown is also leaving one of the best offenses in the league for a Raiders system that is a work in progress.

Oakland added weapons over the offseason and should take a step forward with Brown along with Josh Jacobs. Brown is by far the Raiders top offensive option and fans of “Hard Knocks” know Gruden cannot stop talking about utilizing his new receiver when he finds the field again.

As Brown Battled the NFL Over His Helmet, Gruden Emphasized He Has “Some Plays” to Run for AB

Gruden offered his support for Brown as he fought the NFL over what helmet he is allowed to play with. The Raiders coach also added that he had “some plays” he hoped to run for Brown.

“…We understand the league’s position as well, so we’re in a tough spot,” Gruden said, per “And we hope Antonio is back here soon, because he’s exciting to be around. I’m excited. I got some plays for him, I hope we can start calling them.”

Overall, Brown offers fantasy owners nice value in 2019 if you are willing to deal with some of the risk associated with the new Raiders receiver. My sense is once the season starts fantasy owners will quickly forget the drama of the offseason as the Raiders star receiver starts catching touchdowns.