Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Danica Patrick Caught Speeding by Packers QB

Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend

Getty Aaron Rodgers pictured with ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick.

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend, Danica Patrick, may be retired from racing but that does not mean she no longer has the need for speed. Patrick recently admitted in an interview with NPR that Rodgers caught her speeding on the highway.

“Yeah, actually – not in Green Bay, though. I did here one day – my boyfriend came home, and he said, so my spies told me you were doing about 89 on the highway,” Patrick noted to NPR. “And I was, like, oh, yeah. That was probably true.”

Patrick admitted that she has been pulled over for speeding “about 20 times.” It is a good thing Patrick found success on the track as she has no trouble paying her speeding tickets. Rodgers is also doing pretty solid on the football field, so something tells us they can handle a few more tickets should they arise.

Patrick Has Become a Massive Packers Fan

It has been widely documented that Patrick grew up a Bears fan, but now it is hard to find the former driver not decked out in green and yellow. Patrick not only supports Rodgers but has become a massive Packers fan.

Patrick is a staple at Lambeau Field and, at times, even travels to Packers games on the road. When asked about a potential conflict of interest, Patrick emphasized to NPR how much she loves the Packers now.

“Yes. And I – the truth is that I grew up near Chicago,” Patrick explained to NPR. “I have a house in Chicago. I’ve had one for about 10 years there. And I was…A Bears fan… You know, I’m going to the Dallas game this weekend, and my girlfriend is going too, and she had a cheese cowboy hat. And I’m, like, oh, my gosh. You’ve got to get me one.”

As she mentioned, Patrick cheered on Rodgers and the Packers at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas as they came away with a road victory over the Cowboys. Patrick posted lots of photos from Dallas as she hung out with several Packers legends including Jordy Nelson. Even though Randall Cobb is now on the opposing team, it sounds like the couple was also able to connect with the former Packers receiver.

“Fun on the field. Fun in the suite. Fun in another suite. Fun hanging out with friends. Thanks to @aiydacobb and @rcobb18 for making the trip to Dallas so great. ☺️ Go pack go! 4-1!” Patrick noted on Instagram.

Patrick Hosts a Popular Podcast Entitled “Pretty Intense”

Patrick may not spend the weekend in a racecar anymore, but the former driver has stayed busy. Earlier this year, Patrick launched what has become a popular podcast entitled “Pretty Intense” where she interviews successful people about their journey.

Guests have included Bobby Flay, Howie Mandel and Rodgers has committed to joining the show in the future. Patrick spoke with Access about what their interview will cover.

“Last year, having an injury in the first half of the first game of the season,” Patrick noted to Access. “Being down, by I think 21 points, at the half, 21-0 I think maybe or something like that, pretty close to that. Came back, won the game. And he was hurt the entire rest of the season. Those stories are inspiring with how you dealt with that mentally. I agree, I would love to interview him. I’ve asked him…yeah, he said he would do it.”

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