Patriots Julian Edelman Helps Activision Launch Call of Duty: Mobile

Julian Edelman


If you ask a true gamer what the worst games are, the answer is simple: anything mobile. Any game played on a phone is usually poor. From the controls to the graphics, it is all a mess. In comes Call of Duty: Mobile trying to change the mobile gaming experience and it should have no problem in doing so.

After a troubled launch, Call of Duty: Mobile was released on October 1. In honor of the release, Activision and Call of Duty hosted an even for members of the New England Patriots including Super Bowl MVP and Call of Duty super fan Julian Edelman.

“Coming into this I’ve been a big fan of Call of Duty because it’s been a big part of me growing up and my childhood growing up,” Edelman said. “It was a fun experience and I’m happy to be part of helping them launch Call of Duty: Mobile. Like I said, I’m a big fan so what cooler way to be a fan than to partner with them.”

So how does the game work? With your phone turned sideways, your thumbs do all the work. Your left thumb is in charge of movement on the left side of the screen while your right thumb controls aim. When firing, there is two options. Standard firing happens automatically when your reticle finds an enemy. In advanced mode, there is a button to hit when you find an enemy.

Once you have the controls down, the game is simple. Activision created Call of Duty: Mobile with other versions in mind. It is a mixture of Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare

“I was a little hesitant coming in and seeing Call of Duty: Mobile,” Edelman said. “After getting done playing it and seeing how they transitioned it to make it so smooth and easy to learn, it was actually pretty settling and scary because now I’m going to be spending a lot of time playing it.”

Who are the Patriots’ True Gamers?

There are certain random questions that fans want to know the answer to about their favorite players off the field. So who is the best video game player on the reigning Super Bowl champion Patriots and what do they play? For Edelman, the answer is not Madden.

“I don’t play Madden at all really. I’ll play here and there, maybe once a year. I know coverage. I know that this play can beat that coverage. I know the disguise,” Edelman said. “If I can’t actually make it work because of some glitch or anything, I don’t want to play it.”

The reigning Super Bowl MVP added that if he is playing a sports game, he turns to Fifa. As for the top gamers on the NFL’s best team, there is not one correct answer.

“Overall gamers, there’s categories,” Edelman explained. “There’s your (Kyle) Van Noy, (Dont’a) Hightower, (Chase) Winovich, those dudes are good. Adam Butler is very good at video games. I would say those are the best guys that I’ve played with.”

Edelman’s Time in New England

The Patriots decided to use their seventh-round draft choice in 2009 on an unknown quarterback out of Kent State named Julian Edelman. 10 years later, that same quarterback has turned into one of the most reliable receivers in the NFL.

Edelman led the way with 10 catches for 141 yards in the Patriots Super Bowl win over the Los Angeles Rams. New England has won 10 or more games in every season that Edelman has been with the team, and six years before that. They have built the best dynasty in the history of sports and there does not seem to be an end in sight.

“I think it’s just worrying about what’s on your plate and going day to day,” Edelman said when asked about the consistent success of the Patriots. “Trying to improve daily. That’s what our coaching staff does a good job of. When you’re in that mindset and have guys that believe, a good cast of characters of players who have bought in and are good men, good things happen.”


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