Falcons and Rams Have Bench-Clearing Brawl [WATCH]

Aaron Donald

Getty Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald

The Atlanta Falcons, who were 1-5 entering Week 6, let their frustrations show in a big way while playing the Los Angeles Rams (3-3) on Sunday.

While trailing by three scores to the Rams, a big-time brawl broke out after Falcons running back Devonta Freeman went after Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald out of apparent frustration.

Aaron Donald and Devonta Freeman Fight Rams vs FalconsAaron Donald and Devonta Freeman Fight Rams vs Falcons2019-10-20T19:08:09.000Z

It was a bench-clearing affair, and it ended with Freeman’s ejection from the game. Mid-fight, the Rams All-Pro and reigning defensive player of the year in Donald picked Freeman up off the ground and carried him a few feet before they were forcibly torn apart by officials.

The referees didn’t get away totally unscathed, as one went to the ground while trying to wrestle Freeman away from various Rams players. Fortunately, no one was majorly injured during the scrum.

Freeman, Falcons Are Clearly Frustrated

rams falcons fight

GettyDevonta Freeman of the Atlanta Falcons picked a fight with Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald Sunday. Freeman was ejected from the game afterwards. (photo by Getty images).

Both benches cleared after Freeman attempted to pick a fight with Donald, who is obviously far bigger. Clearly, the Falcons are a frustrated team at the moment, but Freeman is one of their best players and should know better, as he obviously can’t help his team from the locker room.

The fight went on for several minutes. After Donald hoisted Freeman into the air, Freeman unsuccessfully tried to throw a punch at him, while Donald literally got the last laugh afterwards on the sidelines.

The Falcons were predicted by some to be one of the league’s better teams this season–a few analysts even saw them making a deep playoff run this year. But after losing six of their first seven games, frustration and perhaps even a tinge of desperation have seemed to set in. Freeman was the only Falcons player who was ejected during the game.

No Rams players were ejected, presumably because they didn’t start the fight, and they weren’t really the aggressors so much as they were trying to defend themselves while also trying to contain Freeman, who was swinging punches and grabbing at face masks throughout the entire brawl.

The Rams have been a bit of a disappointment after losing their last three games in a row, but they handled the Falcons with ease Sunday and may have gotten some of their mojo back after this game.

Twitter Reacts to Rams and Falcons Fight

Naturally, fans of both teams and fans of football, in general, had some thoughts on Freeman’s choice to pick a fight with the much-larger Donald:

Announcer Scott Hansen also garnered a few chuckles for his Star Wars reference when he compared Donald hoisting Freeman up to the way Darth Vader casually tossed around his underlings in the film, which was actually a fairly accurate assessment of the situation:

Later on in the game, Donald had a sack and a forced fumble, and he moved into third place all-time on the Rams sack leaders list.

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