Heat’s Dwyane Wade Reveals Relationship Status With Pat Riley

Getty Heat's Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley against the Hawks

On July 15, 2016, Dwyane Wade shocked the world when he decided to sign with his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, instead of returning to the Miami Heat. The future Hall of Famer, according to CSN Insider Vincent Goodwill, signed a two-year deal worth $47million.

The Chicago Bulls released a video message with Dwyane Wade telling the Bulls hopeful that he is coming home.

“What’s up, everybody? It’s Dwyane Wade, now of the Chicago Bulls. I can’t tell you how good that sounds and how good that feels. I’m excited to play at a place that I’ve always envisioned playing in, playing in the city I was born and raised in. I’m excited to hear your guys’ cheers and support behind this organization and this team. I can’t wait to (see) what the future holds for us, but I think it’s going to be real fun. So everybody get ready for this ride and let’s enjoy it. Thank you guys for the support, and I’ll see y’all soon.”

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Why Did Dwyane Wade Leave Miami Heat for Chicago?

After a Bulls’ 112-80 win over the Orlando Magic on

“I thought it was an opportunity I would be there forever, but s–t happens,” Wade said. “And when s–t happens, you gotta be prepared to (move on). I found out very quickly that this is a business.”

Wade left Miami largely due to the business side of the NBA. The Heat organization and Wade representatives couldn’t come to an agreement that worked for both sides. At the time, Wade revealed that he didn’t have any hard feelings towards the franchise, but he hadn’t spoken to team president Pat Riley, since his departure to Chicago.

“I’ve kept in touch from everybody there besides Pat. From the owners on down,” Wade said. “It’s nothing but respect, and I have no hard feelings. I understand what Pat is, he’s a competitor. I’ve been knowing him for 13 years so I expect no different.

“People might not believe me, but I have no hard feelings toward Pat. Everything happened the way it was supposed to happen, everything happens for a reason, so I’m fine.”

Wade sacrificed money over the betterment of the team when the Heat signed LeBron James and Chris Bosh in 2010, and again by opting out of his contract when the Heat tried to resign James in the summer of 2014.

“That’s when things started changing,” Wade said. “They decided to max out Chris, which I was all for. And then it became a situation with me from that standpoint and I wasn’t happy with it.”

“I ain’t gonna say, oh, I was happy go lucky,” he said. “Then I opted out again and the next year I signed the one-year, $20 million deal because I never made $20 million in a season. I wanted multiple years, they wanted to be players in free agency, I understand that.”

How is Wade’s and Riley’s Relationship Now?

Dywane Wade was the latest guest on the All Smoke Podcast with host Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. During the episode, Wade revealed that he and Riley have a great relationship.

“We got a great relationship. I think that moment both of us neither one of us wish to this day that it happen. I think we dealt with and we talked man to man. Pat [Riley] knows how I feel about it and I have been very open about how I feel about how all that went down,” said Wade. [However] I think it ended the way it needed to and once I came back I had more of an appreciation for the organization, the city, and I think vice versa. We saw each other in a different light once I wasn’t there anymore. So everything is kosher and I’m so happy the success is still going for the Heat and I get away and start doing other things. Eventually, I want to migrate back and being a part of the organization.”


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