Tom Brady Posts Controversial Instagram Caption

Getty Tom Brady of the New England Patriots

Since the dawn of social media, certain NFL players have had their issues with using social media and creating controversial posts.

Antonio Brown, without a doubt, has been the most outgoing on his social media. Even earlier this year, former Cleveland Browns defensive back Jermaine Whitehead was released following an outburst of threatening tweets he sent following a loss.

Tom Brady, though active on his social media, has not typically been one of those players who has had problems with posting anything controversial. Videos of him cliff diving, including one with his young daughter, Vivian, last offseason have caused a stir, but nothing to think twice about.

But on Monday night, instead of his typical “W” videos that have become popular, Brady posted a photo with an interesting caption. Of course, having lost the night before, there was no room for a hype video, but rather a motivational post about battling adversity.

Just one problem: the caption Brady chose wasn’t original. His caption quoted former U.S. President Richard Nixon. According to, the quote was written in regard to Nixon’s political opponent, then Massachusetts’ Senator Ted Kennedy.

Though the caption isn’t meant with any ill-intent, quite the opposite, it is one that may easily offend some with differing political views. However, the post should be looked at for its motivational quality and Brady’s willingness to show his teammates as a leader that his team won’t lay down despite a rough stretch.

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Brady Has Been Vocal About His Political Views in the Past

Tom Brady has been known to get involved politically in the past, much to the chagrin of the quarterback himself. In turn, he has taken flak for certain beliefs he holds. In early 2018, Brady walked out of a press conference after he was asked a question about Donald Trump.

Trump has been public about his friendship with Tom Brady, sending a tweet in 2015 congratulating him on a victory. Brady was even spotted hanging a “MAGA” hat in his locker sent to Brady via Robert Kraft, another of Trump’s personal friends.

He has also attended the State of the Union address on multiple occasions in the past, including in 2004 as First Lady Laura Bush’s invited guest.

Overall Brady is Squeaky Clean on Instagram

For the most part, Brady has been able to keep his nose clean regarding his use of social media. He has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even recently began using a TikTok account.

Brady’s career began in 2000, when social media wasn’t even an idea yet, considering Facebook was started around 2004. He has evolved with the times on and off the field, clearly, and is embracing modern technology in regards to reaching out to fans.

Patriots players have embraced it as well, consistently leaving comments on his Instagram or being featured in some of his posts like Rob Gronkowski was last year.

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