UFC’s Mike Perry and Actor Michael Jai White Get Into Twitter Feud

Mike Perry and Michael Jai White

Getty Mike Perry weighing in for UFC 202 and Michael Jai White at the opening of "Mortal Kombat Legacy."

UFC welterweight brawler Mike “Platinum” Perry has got an issue with an action movie star. Last month, Michael Jai White uploaded a video onto YouTube that features him talking about working with the late Kimbo Slice on a movie set. Well, Perry has not taken too kindly to what White says in the video.

Here is the video that Michael Jai White posted:

Exclusive : Michael Jai White Tells The Real Story Behind Blood & Bone Scene with Kimbo SliceExclusive : Michael Jai White Tell The Real Story Behind Blood & Bone Scene with Kimbo Slice Michael Jai White Speaks About the most epic scene and describe the behind the scene!2019-12-02T23:01:18.000Z

It features a voice-over of White describing his interaction with Slice in a specific scene of the 2009 movie “Blood and Bone.” Slice, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson and is best known for his street fighting videos and brief stints in multiple MMA promotions, is playing a typical jailhouse bad guy who is about to be pulverized by the protagonist, White.

The video shows off various takes of White attacking Slice with lightning-speed strikes. What Perry is fired up about is White’s narration of the scene and how the movie star perceived Slice’s fighting abilities.

The scene had Slice use a rubber knife to try and stab White. As he went to use it, White struck him quickly, took the knife and stabbed Slice in the shoulder.

In the YouTube video, Jai claims that Slice was struggling with the scene because the fighter couldn’t see White’s punches coming.

White said, “Kimbo needed to react like he’s being punched, but he claimed he couldn’t see it.”

Later, as per Slice’s request, White attempted to teach Slice this specific striking technique. The video gets into White showing Slice the “un-telegraphed technique” that required immense speed.

To White’s disappointment, the training session didn’t go that well as Slice “became a little too frustrated with the process. He was still a little too freaked out and felt dominated, and sometimes that messes with a fighter’s psyche.”

Slice, who passed away from heart failure in 2016, has many fans out there, and one of them is Mike Perry. After watching White’s video, Perry had a few choice words to tweet:

Platinum’s tweet reads: “An actor recently was saying how he was trying to teach kimbo something too difficult for kimbo to grasp. I think you actors better stay in the movies. 1 knee make your nose look like special effects.”

He then followed up with another tweet challenging the movie star to a backyard, bare-knuckle fight, something Slice is well-known for.

The tweet reads: “I just felt like [Kimbo Slice] would beat the f— outta [Michael Jae White] and his tone in the video really bothered me. He should fight me backyard bare knuckle because I would like to learn this ‘prison movie technique’ he was talking about.”

White didn’t stay silent as he answered both of Platinum’s tweets:

“I like Mike Perry, that’s why I follow him! Maybe he ‘FEELS’ I meant to diss Kimbo but he’s wrong. Slice was my friend RIP, and many extracted the positive, teachable moment I intended.”

He then followed up with another tweet responding to Perry’s backyard brawl request by taking a jab at Perry’s UFC ranking.

“Maybe if [Perry] learned my ‘Prison Movie Technique’ he wouldn’t be ranked #20? I got no time for playground callouts Brother but holla when you come thru and maybe I’ll have time to give you a personal demo. Just DM me Bro. It really ain’t that hard!”

As exciting as this back and forth is, fans shouldn’t be holding their breath for this fight. White is a successful, 52-year-old movie star, and Perry is a 28-year-old professional UFC fighter.

Platinum has become a popular fighter in the UFC with his brawling style and eccentric personality. After a strong start in the promotion, Perry has gone 2–5 in his last seven bouts, and he’ll be looking to rebound with a strong performance in his next outing.

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