Potential Reason For Lions Split With Darius Slay Revealed

Matt Patricia

Getty Matt Patricia reacts during a game against the Bears.

The Detroit Lions shipped Darius Slay out of town to the Philadelphia Eagles, and a big reason why the relationship went south with Matt Patricia could have plenty to do with some of Slay’s personality traits.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit coach doesn’t like his players swapping jerseys with opponents. That’s something Slay is famous for and loves to do. Here’s a look at what Birkett wrote as it relates to the possible reasoning behind the lions wanting to trade Slay:

“Slay sat out voluntary workouts and mandatory minicamp last spring in a contractual dispute that was never resolved; his fun-loving personality never meshed with third-year Lions coach Matt Patricia, who abhorred his practice of signing and exchanging jerseys after every game, win or loss; and he didn’t hide his displeasure when the Lions traded his good friend Quandre Diggs to the Seattle Seahawks in the fall.”

Lions fans have been looking for an answer as it relates to why the relationship with Slay went south and how it went south so fast. It’s possible that personality disagreements and traits had a lot to do with that in the end.

Was it the right decision to move Slay in the end? It’s something that the Lions will now find out. Regardless, the move has now been made and this relationship is officially in the past.

Darius Slay Explained Philosophy About Trade

Recently speaking with ESPN reporter Michael Rothstein recently in his podcast entitled The Michael Rothstein Show, Slay was asked about his feelings as it related to the swirling rumors. As he’s maintained in the past, the rumblings have no bearing on Slay or his family.

“I tell my kids that’s the last thing we need to worry about, what my job is doing. We’re going to build our home in Houston. So it doesn’t matter where I be at. If I’m here I’m here, if I’m not, I’m not,” Slay said. “We’re going to be in Houston for the most part just living. We already got that situated, we know this can happen. My son plays video games well enough to know what’s going on, he trades a lot of people on his team. So it will be all good. We’re already prepared for what could happen.”

Slay also re-iterated in the interview that he wouldn’t have minded sticking around with the Lions, even as he is prepared to make a move if needed.

“We’d always love to be here, Detroit, finish my career here, but if we don’t, we’re on to the next road, we’re ready,” he said.

Now he’s on that road to Philadelphia.

Lions Dangers Trading Darius Slay

Subtracting Slay from the mix would seemingly hamper the Lions’ chances to have an elite season in 2020 given the cornerback’s importance to the team as a whole. Now that Slay is gone, decisions will have to be made.

Analyst Chris Burke of The Athletic explained after new Slay rumors surfaced that the Lions have a big decision to make in terms of whether to deal the top corner. If they do, the team will have to answer the question of “what’s next,” and there are few easy answers to that query. In fact, as Burke says, the move could help the Lions open another gaping hole on their roster prior to the 2020 offseason.

The Lions did sign Desmond Trufant, but is that signing enough? It might not be considering how elite Slay has been during his time. They might also have to look strongly in Jeffrey Okudah’s direction during the NFL Draft. A combination of these moves could help the team compensate for his loss.

It’s a risk the team was apparently willing to take given some of the differences they could have with Slay in the end.

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