Logo Installed on Raiders’ Las Vegas Stadium [LOOK]

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As the NFL’s new league year gets closer and closer, so does the completion of the Las Vegas Raiders‘ Allegiant Stadium. The exterior of the structure has come a long way and almost looks done at this point. Now that it’s starting to shape up, the “Allegiant Stadium” logo has now been installed.

It’s hard to argue that Allegiant Stadium isn’t shaping up to be one of the best looking stadiums in sports. There’s also no doubt that the Raiders play there. They’ve really ensured that the team’s colors are heavily represented.

Coronavirus Scare Shouldn’t Affect Construction

While the stadium’s construction is clearly coming along nicely, the predicted July 31st completion date is very close to the time the Raiders will start playing preseason games. With many precautions taking place due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s not a stretch to believe that construction could get delayed. That said, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a delay is unlikely.

“Although we don’t have any experience with the coronavirus, I cannot envision a situation where the coronavirus would impact the construction of the stadium,” Las Vegas Stadium Authority Chairman Steve Hill said Friday.

As we’ve seen with the recent suspension of the NBA and other sporting organizations, things can change very quickly. If even one of the construction workers working on the stadium gets infected with coronavirus, the whole operation will likely have to shut down. Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case.

It sounds like they’ll keep moving forward with construction of the stadium for the time being, but it’s definitely a situation to monitor. The Raiders do have fallback options if they can’t play preseason games in Las Vegas. They could always play those in Oakland as they’ve already made arrangements with the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum just in case any issues with construction arise.

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Raiders Could Miss out on Recruiting Advantages

If the NFL decides not to push back the beginning of the league year, it looks like most of free agency will be done remotely. That means recruiting, visits and contract negotiations will happen over the phone or computer. That would be a blow to the Raiders as they were planning on showing off the new stadium and headquarters to free agents they were hoping to woo.

They still have plenty of images and videos they can show off to players, but it’s certainly different to see things in person. At the end of the day, players care about money and that’s something the Raiders can offer. They’re playing in a state with no state income tax and they are loaded with cap space. It would be nice to show off some of the other advantages they have, but the team will just have to make do. Everybody knows Las Vegas and what they’ll be in for if they move there. It’ll just depend on what each individual player is looking for.

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