Michael Jordan Took Piano Lessons During Bulls 1998 NBA Finals Run [VIDEO]

Michael Jordan

Getty Images Michael Jordan (L) of the Chicago Bulls against Shandon Anderson of the Utah Jazz

Michael Jordan stories are always fun to recount.

MJ’s allegedy sung Anita Baker’s Giving You The Best That I Got in the 90s. Then there was the time that Horace Grant told me that MJ was ‘the devil’ during practice. MJ has a reputation for being highly competitive.

Horace Grant Says Michael Jordan Was 'The Devil' In PracticeFormer Chicago Bulls forward Horace Grant stopped by Scoop B Radio Overtime and told host, Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson that Michael Jordan was one of the best on the court as well as in practice. You can also follow and subscribe to Scoop B Radio on these platforms for your listening convenience: iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/scoop-b-radio-scoopbradio/id1100828006?mt=2 Stitcher…2017-04-15T01:59:49.000Z

The six-time Chicago Bulls NBA Champion ran the NBA in style with cool sneakers in various colorways.

Guided by head coach, Phil Jackson, His Airness had help from a supporting cast of teammates that included notables like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr and countless others.

Apparently during the Bulls’ last championship run in 1998, MJ learned how to play the piano.

In a recent dialogue with Heavy.com’s own Landon Buford, NBC Sports’ K.C. Johnson recounts the time MJ had a piano wheeled into his hotel room.

“I don’t have any great behind the scene stories,” Johnson told Buford during their recent interview.

“In the 1998 Finals, my assignment was to write about Michael Jordan every day. I wasn’t the main beat writer covering the team. We had Hall of Fame beat writer Sam Smith writing big columns. But my particular [job] was to write about Michael Jordan every day. There’s one day during the 1998 Finals, where he wheeled a grand piano into his room on the off day and was trying to teach himself how to play the piano to mellow out his mood and challenge himself to try new things. I remember writing an off-beat story about Michael Jordan learning how to play the piano during the 1998 Finals. The biggest thing like I said before, you knew that you were covering a historic team and I was 30 years old at the time and it was my first big break at the Chicago Tribune. So, obviously for me it was huge thrill.”

An esteemed veteran NBA writer, Johnson was young when he entered the ranks in the 90s while concurrently watching Jordan’s sheer NBA dominance during the Bulls two three-peats. “Here’s the thing I will say about Michael; I was incredibly young in my career,” he told Buford.

“It was my first big break at the Chicago Tribune. I was just trying not to screw it up, so I didn’t have a one on one relationship with Mike. He is such a larger than life [figure] and almost everything around him was a huge media scrum. In three seasons, I talked to him one on one two times. When I see him now in Charlotte, he’ll say hi and we’ll catch up because he doesn’t do interviews obviously.

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