Raiders Named Among Possible Landing Spots for Former MVP Quarterback

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Getty Derek Carr with Aaron Rodgers.

Just when you thought you were done hearing about Las Vegas Raiders quarterback rumors, a new wild one appears. However, this one might be the most tantalizing yet. While there is nothing concrete linking Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers to the Raiders, if he is on his way out, expect the silver and black to be mentioned. In fact, it’s already starting to happen. According to Rob Reischel of Forbes, Las Vegas is among possible landing spots for the two-time NFL MVP:

Las Vegas has a bevy of young, gifted players on its roster. And the Raiders added to that group by taking three receivers with their first four picks in the 2020 draft.

Both Gruden and Mayock aren’t sold on quarterback Derek Carr, though, which is one reason they brought Marcus Mariota in this offseason. If quarterback remains a sore spot for the Raiders, expect management to swing for the fences and try landing Rodgers.

Now, there’s a narrative in the media that the Gruden and Mayock “aren’t sold” on Carr. There might be some truth to that, but it’s been overexaggerated to the point that many think it’s fact. If Gruden really didn’t trust Carr, he wouldn’t have passed on all the quarterbacks he did this offseason. However, if Rodgers is available, then things could get really interesting.

Rodgers Might Be Too Tempting to Pass up if Available

Many expected the Raiders to go after Tom Brady during the offseason and that didn’t happen. If Rodgers becomes available, the silver and black will likely be linked to him. It would be easy to dismiss those potential rumors as the Brady rumors never came to fruition. However, the two situations are very different. Rodgers is younger than Brady and could conceivably have at least three more seasons of Pro Bowl play left in the tank.

If Rodgers came to the Raiders, he’d be getting a top-10 offensive line, a star at running back, one of the best young tight ends in the NFL and a first-round pick at wide receiver in Henry Ruggs. He might not find a better situation for himself if he has any say on where he could get traded.

From the Raiders’ point of view, it’s hard to know exactly how they feel about their quarterback situation. Carr is better than he’s given credit for and now that he has Ruggs, he could be in for his best season yet. He’s also a lot cheaper and younger than Rodgers. That said, the Packers quarterback is arguably the most talented thrower of the football ever. Putting him in the Raiders’ offense immediately makes them Super Bowl contenders. That’s not a knock on Carr, it’s a recognition of Rodgers’ legendary talent.

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How Much Could a Trade Cost?

It’s fun to talk about hypotheticals, but if the Raiders want Rodgers, they’re going to have to trade for him. A thing working against the Packers is that they gave Rodgers an insane contract recently. Not many teams are going to be very excited to take on such a big price tag. That will probably lower what Green Bay will get for him in a trade.

When the Packers traded Brett Favre to the New York Jets, they received a conditional fourth-round pick. Favre was coming off a 13-3 season, so he was far from washed up. Green Bay would probably get more for Rodgers now even with his massive contract. It’s impossible to gauge how much a team would be willing to give up for the 36-year-old quarterback. At least one first-round pick will likely have to be on the table.

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