Brandon Graham Reveals What Phil Jackson Told Eagles Players

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Getty Phil Jackson in 2015.

The man who choreographed Michael Jordan’s “Last Dance” may be lending the Eagles a few ballet classes.

Phil Jackson, the legendary 13-time NBA champion, has been back in the news after ESPN’s 10-part docu-series about the 1998 Chicago Bulls took the country by storm. The ratings for the show soared through the roof, in lieu of live sporting events. Jackson was considered the Zen Master for his casual ability to massage egos and blend talents.

On Thursday, Jackson’s face popped up in Brandon Graham’s Instagram during one of the Eagles’ team-sanctioned virtual workouts. Could Jackson be imparting words of wisdom to Philadelphia’s football team? It wouldn’t be unthinkable. Remember, Jackson was Kobe Bryant’s longtime coach in Los Angeles where the two won five NBA titles together. Bryant was a well-known Eagles fan who gave the 2017 championship team a pep talk.

As for Jackson, he has long been known to support his former players and their causes in a number of ways. The fact that Bryant revered Doug Pederson’s squad may have been enough to get him on a Zoom video conference call. If not, maybe the Eagles ponied up the $75,000 fee that Jackson normally charges to inspire people.

“Phil doesn’t coach a player for a season, he coaches him for a lifetime,” Lakers owner Jeanie Buss once wrote in an Instagram post. “This is why he is not only a great coach but also one of the best human beings I know. He mentors former players and makes time to listen and encourage.”

Jackson won 13 total NBA championships, including 11 rings as head basketball coach for the Chicago Bulls (6) and Los Angeles Lakers (5). He also won two as a reserve forward for the New York Knicks.

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Jackson Preached Perseverance, Enjoying Specific Roles

Graham was the one who let the cat out of the bag about Jackson crashing the Eagles’ virtual workouts. Later in the day, the defensive end took part in a video conference call with reporters and revealed what the legendary coach told the team.

“He just talked about how he persevered last year and pretty much you gotta have those moments where you stay in games and when you think things could go wrong, you gotta keep the spirit up,” Graham said. “He was talking about some of the guys that went unnoticed a little bit on the team and keeping them together.”

“You know, everybody got to know their role so enjoy your role because on a team everybody has a place and everybody has a job,” Graham continued. “So whatever that job is issued to you, that’s what you got to just accept until things change. Injuries happen, all kinds of things happen, but how you handle yourself as a teammate is very important.”

Graham, entering his 11th season with the Eagles, also shared some of his own thoughts about stepping into a bigger leadership role in 2020. He’s now the elder statesman on defense following the departure of Malcolm Jenkins.

“I know what I got to do. I just got to keep doing it and whatever kind of comes up I address it,” Graham said. “And not let stuff go by the wayside because that’s when stuff starts to creep in and then you start to allow stuff in that you normally shouldn’t let in and you get bit in the game and try to hurry up and play catch up in the game and then you can’t address it.”

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