Lions’ Trey Flowers Makes Powerful Statement on Race in America [WATCH]

Trey Flowers

Getty Trey Flowers on the bench during a 2019 preseason game.

The Detroit Lions have had plenty of players step out and make statements in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent discussion, and defensive lineman Trey Flowers has entered the discussion in a very powerful way.

Flowers, in a lengthy Instagram video, provided his thoughts on the state of things in America right now. Initially, he admits he had kept quiet. As he says, however, it’s time for everyone to listen and try to understand viewpoints that they might not have experiences with. In his mind, that’s the only way any type of positive change is going to happen.

In nearly a 10 minute emotional video, Flowers opens up and bears his soul regarding his feelings. It is important to watch all the way through.

Chris Burke of The Athletic also transcribed most of the video and posted it on Twitter.

Obviously, in a week full of powerful statements, this might be the one that stands out for the Lions. Flowers makes a significant point regarding the discussion being like a circle where the message often gets lost or distorted. As humans, it’s on everyone to make sure the discussion keeps going in meaningful ways so that solutions are reached for the future. Flowers using his platform to do just that is significant.

Hearing Flowers speak, it’s not a surprise he is one of the team leaders the Lions chose to pursue heavily in free agency a few years back. The Detroit locker room is in good hands with his leadership.

Matt Patricia Reveals Comments on George Floyd

Patricia recently opened up to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated in a piece and explained what he felt after seeing the video that has haunted the world, while explaining how the team has been taking the news.

“Honestly, I was just disgusted, angry, sad, depressed,” Patricia said. “The range of emotion, you watch the video, someone being murdered and you’re like … I didn’t even know how to process it. And the range of emotion I know I felt in watching that was only one-tenth of a fraction of a minute percent of what my players must’ve been feeling. So when I got up on Friday, I didn’t sleep much. I’d been grinding on stuff all night, it was just, ‘This isn’t right.’”

As Patricia also told Breer, it was on him as the coach to set the tone after that moment and he did so simply by listening to his players and opening the floor up to them while letting the conversation dictate where everybody goes next. As he said, the meeting was little about football and more about life.

“It was just about listening and making sure we tried to get on and open it up for conversation, real conversation, truthful conversation, honest conversation, heartfelt conversation,” Patricia said. “And really, honestly, credit to my players for leading that. They’re the ones that really were able to get it to where it became so powerful.”

In the staff meeting and the team meeting, there was a diversity of race, age, and regional and socioeconomic backgrounds that allowed everyone to bring something.”

Patricia said in the piece the time is not right to talk football, and that is a true revelation. Everyone will have something on their chest and will want to clear the air, and this experience could impact players for days and weeks into the future. Letting the team control where

Truthfully, the team should be thankful to have a leader like Patricia in this moment who is more prepared to listen than talk. That is significant and important at a tough moment in history.

Trey Flowers’ Stats With Lions

The Lions signed Flowers a few offseasons back, and had an up and down first season with the Lions on the field.

In October, Flowers had plays which helped push the New York Giants back and thwart scoring opportunities they had late, and it was finally a case of Flowers stepping up big in a significant spot for his new team. NFL analyst Brian Baldinger took notice, and thinks more plays like this are the key to the Lions turning things around this season.

“They signed him to make plays like this. The Lions have been terrible in the fourth quarter this year, everybody knows that. But they’re 3-3-1 with two games on the road, at Oakland and at Chicago. If they’re going to get back in the race, they need more plays like this from Trey Flowers,” Baldinger says while breaking down the game saving defensive play.

Safe to say Detroit doesn’t win without the key sequence from Flowers, and while they weren’t able to turn the win into any momentum for the season, getting more of those plays consistently figures to be a goal well into the future.

As Baldinger accurately stated, Detroit’s defensive line needs to do more work like this in crunch time. The good news? Flowers might just be getting started in terms of making a large impact down the stretch.

“He’s more than capable of doing it. They brought him here to do that. Trey Flowers is more than capable. Dishing Nate Solder, forcing the fumble, he’s got a lot of bounce in his step. More from Trey Flowers and that whole defensive front. They could get it,” he said.

Flowers answered the bell and played well himself with 7 sacks this past season. More than anything he does on the field, however, his significant voice at a key point in history cannot be ignored.

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