Patriots New QB Coach Has Interesting Connection to OJ Simpson Trial

Getty Jedd Fisch

The New England Patriots‘ new QB coach, Jedd Fisch has been around football for decades in multiple spots. Before he began his football journey, he was a law student with a strange connection to the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

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Fisch’s insane persistence, work ethic, and determination have helped him carve out a 23-year football coaching career. Those same traits put him in a position to be present for parts of one of the most memorable events in American history. Fisch wanted to absorb the information and environment around the Simpson trial and he saw no better way than to find his way into the courtroom.

Fisch was just a law student at the time with no formal connection to the prosecution or the defense. However, the bold and opportunistic Fisch pounced on his opportunity to be a part of history.

The Boston Herald’s Andrew Callahan wrote:

He waited for the defense team to arrive, tailed five attorneys up the steps, entered the courthouse undetected, and strode with them into an elevator, where he was finally discovered. Fisch rapidly explained himself, his journey, and desire to experience a slice of American history firsthand. He must have made a compelling case. Because at last, Fisch had what he wanted: a courtroom seat at the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

These are the kinds of experiences that shape a person’s work ethic and serve as pivotal moments that become a part of one’s approach to goal accomplishment. By being aggressive and daring, Fisch positioned himself to attain his goal, and that seemingly helped to propel him into what would be his full-time career in the long run.

Callahan continued:

Fascinated by Simpson’s trial and the lawyers involved, Fisch told his father in July of ’95 he was flying to LA to sneak into the gallery. One week, two 4 a.m. taxi rides and several favors later, Fisch returned with motivational material for his future coaching career.

Fisch reportedly tells his players his OJ Simpson story as a means to speak to their tenacity and desire to go the extra mile. While he has never stayed at a single location during his coaching career for longer than three years, he has seemingly never had a hard time finding employment in the sport.

He’s worked for 12 different college or NFL teams during his career. Per Callahan’s report, Fisch’s old boss, former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick says Bill Belichick has had him on his radar for some time.

If you’re on Belichick’s wishlist, it says something about your work ethic and talent. If Fisch is going to have any hand in the development of Patriots’ new starting QB Jarrett Stidham, he must have Belichick’s trust.

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