Russell Wilson Could Be ‘Jealous’ of Star NFL QB, Suggests NFL Analyst

Russell Wilson Patrick Mahomes

Getty The Seahawks had thoughts about making Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes teammates.

Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes continue to be linked together as two of the top NFL quarterbacks. This also means that how the Seattle Seahawks operate their franchise is frequently compared to the Kansas City Chiefs, especially after their Super Bowl run.

Mahomes just took Wilson’s title for the NFL’s most lucrative contract, but Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd suggests there could be more pressing concerns. During a recent episode of The Herd, Cowherd pondered whether Wilson is a little envious of the support Mahomes’ is receiving in Kansas City.

“They have a Jurassic [offense], I mean, it is such an outdated offense, and Russell Wilson [has] been begging for the last two years, ‘Can I have more input on the offense?’ Cowherd noted. “Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have to beg. In fact, Patrick Mahomes has had [an] impact on who the Chiefs draft. They’ve asked him, ‘Which receiver do you think works?’ Do you think they do that in Seattle with Russell Wilson? You got to be kidding me. He just begs for support. I can see Russell looking at that and saying, ‘Listen, I love where I’m at and I got my Super Bowl, but man.’ We have the two best quarterbacks in the league. The philosophy in Kansas City is total support, build around him. The philosophy in Seattle sometimes feel[s] like it’s antagonistic. They both have one Super Bowl [ring]. I think they’ll both win another, but man, I could see Russell Wilson looking at that and saying,’I am a little jealous of the philosophical, weapon[s], coaching, schematic support Mahomes gets in Kansas City.'”

Here is a look at Cowherd’s full comments on Wilson and Mahomes.
Colin reacts to NFL exec poll on QBs, says Seahawks need to do more to support Wilson | THE HERDColin Cowherd discusses some NFL topics on today's show. Hear his reaction to the recent NFL executive poll on QBs and why he thinks the Seattle Seahawks need to support Russell Wilson the way that the Kansas City Chiefs support Patrick Mahomes. #TheHerd #NFL #RussellWilson #PatrickMahomes #Seahawks #Chiefs SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest content…2020-07-08T18:45:11Z

Wilson Has Been More Vocal About His Desire for Changes to be Made to the Seahawks Offense

What is clear is that Wilson has been more vocal about some of the changes he wants to see to the Seahawks’ offense in 2020. Only Wilson and the Seahawks know just how much of a divide there is about the philosophy. Seahawks Draft Blog’s Rob Staton astutely points out that Wison and Cowherd are more than casual acquaintances.

“That’s not to say Wilson put Cowherd up to it,” Stanton writes. “He might’ve done. Who knows? But it’s perfectly fair to wonder if Cowherd’s take is the result of a conversation or series of conversations with Wilson. This seems like more than an educated guess or projection. It’s very possible Cowherd knows exactly how Wilson feels and the quarterback is happy for his friend in the media to let us know about it.”

The Seahawks Can Be More Aggressive Without Abandoning the Run

Seahawks fans may take Cowherd’s comments as trying to stir the pot, but Wilson has been more vocal this offseason than he has been in prior years. Wilson is not sulking over Mahomes’ success but the Seahawks quarterback even admitted he has taken notice of how the Chiefs are thriving.

“That’s kind of what the Chiefs do to be honest with you,” Wilson explained to Pro Football Talk prior to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory. “They do a really good job, Andy Reid and Mahomes. They do a really good job of getting up to the ball, playing with their playmakers and finding a way to make plays and, you know, they score more points than everybody else. And I think that’s the name of the game is, Can you score one more point than they do?”

There have been rumors that the Seahawks will open up the offense, and it will be interesting to see how much of a difference there is in 2020. The Seahawks would be wise to take advantage of having one of the top NFL quarterbacks while he is in his prime.

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