UFC’s Mike Perry Punches Older Man in Texas, Possible Other Victims [WATCH]

Mike Perry

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A video of UFC welterweight star Mike “Platinum” Perry punching an older man went viral on Twitter Wednesday night. The video features Perry, alongside girlfriend Latory Gonzalez, at the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, Texas, according to TMZ.

The video shows Platinum in an argument with multiple people, and at one point he gets into a physical altercation with an older man. In the video, Perry can be seen landing a punch on the man. The identity of the man is unknown at this time. According to TMZ, the man was unconscious when the police arrived and he was transported to the hospital with injuries.

In a statement to TMZ, a spokesperson for Table 82 said, “Pending the criminal investigation, we prefer not to comment further because one of the victims was an employee of our company who had asked Mr. Perry to leave.”

WARNING, Video contains derogatory comments and NSFW language:

When the police arrived at Table 82, a report was taken but Platinum was not arrested, TMZ reported. Platinum was charged with Class A assault, a misdemeanor that could see  Perry paying up to $500.

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The Video Starts With Perry Arguing With Multiple Patrons & Escalates to Him Punching a Man

According to TMZ, the altercation with Perry at Table 82 started when he was asked to leave the restaurant. Platinum, who was ordering Berry Mojitos, punched an employee in the eye, a witness told the outlet. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, the woman was identified as a friend of Perry’s girlfriend. The outlet also reported that at least one other person was struck by Perry.

The video then begins with Platinum walking with his girlfriend toward the exit of the restaurant. Perry is heard saying: “Are y’all calling the cops because I’ll stay.”

Perry is then told multiple times to leave Table 82, but he replies that he doesn’t have to leave. Platinum continues to argue with the other patrons and at one point he claims that another patron “touched” him. According to the police report, Perry said that he was trying to leave peacefully but people were “putting hands on me as I was trying to leave the building.”

The situation then escalates between him and an older man, with both arguing and hurling insults at each other. The two become physical and Platinum throws a right hook that lands flush on the man, dropping him. After Perry punches the man, the other patrons in the restaurant start yelling and chaos ensues.

The video ends with Perry sitting on a ledge outside of the restaurant and shouting at the patrons to call the police.

On Wednesday night, after the video went viral on social media, Platinum took to Twitter. He wrote, “No comment.”

On Thursday evening, ESPN’s Brett Okamato shared a statement from the UFC about Perry. According to the statement, the promotion is “aware and troubled” by the video of Platinum. The UFC said that Perry has apologized for his behavior and has acknowledged that he “has some issues related to alcohol abuse.”

The UFC also stated that Perry is committed to seeking substance and behavioral counseling, and the promotion confirmed that it will not offer the fighter a bout until Perry completes his treatment program. The statement can be read below:


Perry Competed Last Month in the UFC & Was Cornered By His Girlfriend

Platinum is known as an eccentric figure in the MMA community. A UFC welterweight star, he has a professional record of 14-6. On June 27 at UFC on ESPN: Poirier vs. Hooker, Perry entered the Octagon to fight Mickey Gall.

In an unconventional move, Platinum chose to only have one person in his corner. It was his girlfriend, Gonzalez, who is not an MMA coach. Perry’s decision worked out, and he dominated the majority of the fight, defeating Gall by unanimous decision.

With the victory, Platinum improved his UFC record to 7-6.

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