• Capitol Police Officers Injured After Knife, Car Attack: Cops

    There are reports that two Capitol police officers were injured when a vehicle tried to ram a barricade.

  • Jessica Watkins, Oath Keepers Member Charged in Capitol Riot

  • Kelly Meggs: Florida Man, Oath Keepers Leader Charged in Capitol Riots

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  • Benjamin Torre: Dawsonville, Georgia Man Arrested in Capitol Siege

  • Thomas Baranyi Arrested, Describes U.S. Capitol Shooting in Video Interview

    Thomas Baranyi was arrested after he did a video interview with a news reporter discussing how he allegedly stormed the U.S. Capitol and showed blood on his hands which he said was from Ashli Babbitt, a protester who was gunned down in the siege.

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  • Lonnie Coffman: Alabama Man Arrested, Charged With Possessing Molotov Cocktails at Capitol

    Lonnie Leroy Coffman, 70, of Falkville, Alabama was arrested for allegedly possessing 11 Molotov cocktails near protests at the US Capitol.

  • David Blair of Maryland Arrested, Charged With Assaulting Capitol Police Officer

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    Watch as the woman who was shot dead near the US Capitol building today flees from police.

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