Facebook Now Owns Technology to Recognize Your Voice & Translate it Into Any Language

Facebook voice recognition

Can you hear me now?

As if Facebook didn’t know enough about you, they will soon know what you’re saying aloud even if you’re speaking in another language. The company is buying one of the leading companies in the fields of voice recognition and verbal translation. Facebook’s product management director Tom Stocky announced yesterday that the company is purchasing Mobile Technologies.

You can see the statement, made via blog post, below:

facebook buys Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technologies, Bloomberg reports, could help Facebook improve communication around the world by offering its users automatic verbal translation that does not require a translator.

Mobile Technologies was founded in 2001 and became a successful and well regarded smartphone application and has also provided their software for real-time translation of lectures.

As wonderful as this sounds, users should contextualize this news with the recent revelations of governmental control over internet and mobile service providers such as Skype, Google, Verizon, AT&T, and yes, Facebook. As of yet it is still unclear how cooperative Facebook as a corporation has been with the National Security Advisory, but we have learned recently that the NSA program known as Xkeyscore gives intelligence analysts real-time access to user’s Facebook messages and chats.

Users may want to think twice about rejoicing that Facebook, which has cultivated its own reputation for mishandling personal information and infringing on users privacy, can now recognize your voice and turn it into a neat word document instantly.

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