Ultimate Spaghetti Trick: Why Prego Is Trending on Twitter [Video]

ultimate spaghetti trick

Facebook Screenshots from the Ultimate Spaghetti Trick video.

A video of a woman dumping spaghetti sauce on her counter in a hack she described as the “Ultimate Spaghetti Trick” led to some puzzled and grossed out responses, and sent Prego trending on Twitter.

The woman, named Lisa, says in the video that her method is the best to cook spaghetti for a large group of people. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it here or later in this post.

“This is the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd, and it’s fun,” she says on the video, while pouring red sauce all over her white counter. “You don’t have to worry about dishes, or a mess or anything like that.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Original Video Has More Than 24 Million Views on Facebook & a Twitter Post Had Nearly 8 Million Views

If you haven’t seen the Ultimate Spaghetti Trick video yet, the premise is simple: a woman named Lisa prepares spaghetti on her counter and claims it’s the quickest and easiest way to make spaghetti for a group. No muss, no fuss, and no dishes, she says are the benefits.

The video opens with Lisa pouring a line of traditional Prego across a countertop.

“Holy cow,” says the person filming. “That’s just, right on the countertop.”

“Yep,” Lisa answers casually. “All my friends are coming over.”

She proceeds to add meatballs, a thick line of parmesan, and of course, the spaghetti.

“Everyone loves good, cheesy spaghetti,” she says.

After all the ingredients are added, “You gotta mix it up, girl,” she says.

Lisa tells the person filming that she is Italian, and she is making it the way “real Italians make spaghetti.”

She finishes up her meal prep by adding lettuce to the edge of the counter and topping it with Kraft Italian dressing, then placing sliced loaves of bread on the opposite end.

“This is the definition of family style,” Lisa says through a mouthful of bread.

Viewers of the Ultimate Spaghetti Hack Video Were Disturbed, But the ‘Josh & Lisa’ Facebook Page Shares Parodies of Tips & Hacks

If you watched the Ultimate Spaghetti Hack and were disturbed, you weren’t alone.

“I sure as h*** didn’t survive a pandemic just to risk it all for Prego sauce on someone’s nasty a** counter,” Ryan Marino wrote on Twitter.

The video was posted to the Lisa and Josh Facebook page April 22, 2021, but it’s real claim to fame was when it was shared May 10, 2021 by Jarvis Johnson, who calls himself “the only nice YouTuber.”

“what a normal and ultimate spaghetti hack!” he wrote, sharing a clip of the video.

If it’s any comfort, the ultimate spaghetti hack is meant to be a joke, along with other videos posted on the page.

“Please note that this page features scripted dramas, PARODY HACKS, parody and satire,” a post said, along with a video showing how to make dessert by cooking HoHos with a waffle iron. “The events that take place in this particular short-film video are for entertainment purposes only. Thanks.”

Other videos include slicing a store-bought sheet cake with a massive lamp to “never buy expensive cakes again.” But if you weren’t grossed out enough by the spaghetti video, you should see what Lisa can do with an oversized jar of Pace salsa.

You guessed it: She pours it on her counter.

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