Lauren Hashian has been dating Dwayne Johnson since 2007. The couple stepped out on the Hercules red carpet on July 23.

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The husband of 38-year-old Oregon mother of two Jennifer Huston is begging her to come home four days after she disappeared after buying gas.

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A swimmer was killed and at least seven others were hurt after being struck by lightning at Venice Beach in California in a scene described as “out of Jaws.”

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A deaf family plowed into a crowd of parade attendees and knocked over a woman after claiming they feared for their safety. Police quickly became involved.

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The Big Hurt was inducted into the Hall of Fame this afternoon. He showed that not only is he extremely large, but his heart might be even bigger.

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NASCAR’s poster boy Jeff Gordon is walking away with his fifth victory at Indy, marking him as the first ever driver to do so.

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Nancy Writebol is the second U.S. citizen to be diagnosed with ebola in Liberia. She and her husband, David, left for Liberia in August as missionaries with the Christian group, SIM. There is no cure for ebola.

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We compiled a list of the top 10 NFL wide receivers for the upcoming season based on an average of rankings from the top Fantasy Football writers. Here are the stats for who you want in your draft.

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WWI began exactly 100 years ago when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Check out these cool pictures of war life in 1914, juxtaposed with modern pics.

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A doctor from Texas, who moved to Liberia to help treat ebola patients, has contracted the deadly disease himself. Dr. Kent Brantly is just one of several health workers in Western Africa who have contracted ebola after working with patients in isolation. There is no cure for the disease.

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Sandy Barbour, the former Cal athletic director will become the new athletic director of Penn State.

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