The Women’s March on Washington could be the biggest D.C. march in history. See photos and stories about the #womensmarch here.

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Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross is the nominee for Commerce Secretary in the Donald Trump Administration. Here’s a look at his life and career.

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Joe Simpson, father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Learn about the photographer here.

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Beverly Whaling was the mayor of Clay, West Virginia and has come under scrutiny for agreeing with a friend who called Michelle Obama an ‘ape in heels.’

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As the coalition pushes further into Mosul, stories have emerged from Iraqi Christians about how they survived jail and forced “conversions” to Islam by the Islamic State.

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Check out the best photos from across the globe of the November 2016 supermoon.

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Bernie Sanders remained defiant on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, telling his supporters that the fight isn’t over after Donald Trump won.

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Conservative radio talkshow host Laura Ingraham, who spoke at the RNC, is reportedly in the running to be Donald Trump’s press secretary.

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A new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State shows ISIS militants near Tel Keppe, Iraq battling the Shia Iraqi Army and militias.

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On Twitter this morning, President-Elect Donald Trump praised the Electoral College system as being genius after previously calling it a disaster for democracy.

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS militants are shown fighting coalition forces consisting of the Iraqi Army, the Peshmerga, and more on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq.

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What are the names of the electors who are voting for president in the electoral college? We have the full list of names right here.

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Millions signed a petition urging electors to change their vote to Clinton. But has this ever happened before? See the history of faithless electors here.

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The Clinton popular vote keeps growing, but some of the margins in battleground states were very close. Are recounts still possible for Hillary against Donald Trump?

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Stephen “Steve” Bannon has been accused of racism and white nationalism, in part because of his work for the site Breitbart. Donald Trump has named him a top adviser.

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An armed citizen in Estero, Florida is being credited with saving Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes’ life after shooting a suspect who was allegedly assaulting Bardes. Read more on this breaking story here.

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