An American Idol contestant who had just turned 20 was killed on a New Jersey highway just hours after she auditioned for the show.

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Who was the winner of tonight’s 2015 finale of American Idol? And the performer who won the big title was … Nick Fradiani.

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Tune in here for the live recap of American Idol for all the up-to-the-minute action and see who the winner is as it all goes down.

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Clark Beckham is one of the two remaining contestants on American Idol 2015. So, will he be the winner or will he be eliminated?

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Nick Fradiani is one of the final two contestants on American Idol 2015. Read on for the details on the singer and his chances to win.

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Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani are the final two contestants set to win the title of American Idol 2015. Read on for the latest details on them both.

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In a surprise elimination tonight, Jax was the American Idol contestant who got voted off the show.

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Jax is the contestant to beat on American Idol 2015. Read on for the details on her real name, her family and more.

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Check out the info on part 1 of the 2015 finale of American Idol, from the contestants to the performers to news on the show’s cancellation.

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American Idol is cancelled after the 2016 finale. It has not been renewed. So, enjoy the last part of the 2015 season and the next one because that’s it.

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Who was voted off American Idol tonight? The top 3 winners were announced and the results revealed that the contestant eliminated was … Rayvon Owen.

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Check out the cast of contestants left on American Idol 2015. The top 4 battling it out tonight are Clark Beckham, Jax, Rayvon Owen and Nick Fradiani.

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Tyanna Jones was eliminated on American Idol tonight halfway through the show, so it saved viewers from wondering who would be voted off tonight.

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Tyanna Jones and Jax are the remaining two girls in the top 5 contestants of American Idol 2015. Read on for the details on them both.

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The top 5 contestants from American Idol 2015 perform tonight in hopes of winning the ultimate title. Read on for details on what to expect from the cast.

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What were the results on American Idol tonight? Who was voted off? Who was eliminated and who was saved? The person not in the Top 5 is …

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