Jennifer Tapper is the wife of CNN anchor Jake Tapper and the two live in Washington, D.C. Here is a look at her life and their relationship.

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Sgt. Buddy Hughie was an American hero and died 10 years ago this week during the Afghanistan War. CNN anchor Jake Tapper paid tribute to him on Twitter.

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Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz will debate Obamacare on CNN. Find out how to find a live stream of the event if you can’t watch on TV.

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Tonight, CNN will air a special debate between Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

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Don Lemon seemed tipsy to a lot of viewers on Twitter as he got his ear pierced in a bizarre New Year’s Eve 2017 TV appearance. Watch.

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Check out how to watch the CNN live stream for Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin New Year’s Eve special tonight online.

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Check out how to watch the 2016 CNN Heroes: All-Star Tribute show online via live stream.

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In a segment where anchor Chris Cuomo interviews Republican Congressman Chris Collins of New York about Hillary Clinton and the election, CNN loses his signal right after he mentions WikiLeaks.

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Melania Trump sparked a Twitter trend #BillyBushMadeMeDoIt when she alleged to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Billy Bush “egged” Donald Trump on.

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Melania Trump called Donald Trump’s comments on the Billy Bush tape “boy talk” in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and it’s become a Twitter trend.

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In a CNN segment about the current political fallout surrounding Hillary Clinton and the ongoing leaks of the Podesta emails, anchor Chris Cuomo claims that it’s illegal for anyone but the media to read WikiLeaks.

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While on CNN Tuesday, Ben Carson said he was ‘surprised’ that anchor Brianna Keilar hasn’t heard ‘locker room talk’ like Donald Trump’s comments in 2005.

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CNN appears to have accidentally cut to an interview with an Ohio “focus group” too early as CNN anchor Pamela Brown prompts the interviewee to quote Hillary Clinton after last night’s debate.

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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is the host of the second presidential debate. Is he unbiased? What are his political views? Does he lean left or right?

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Ana Navarro had a heated exchange on CNN with a Trump surrogate that was one of Friday’s most talked-about moments.

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CNN anchor and presidential debate moderator Anderson Cooper is dating Benjamin Maisani, a New York City bar owner. Here’s what you need to know about him.

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