Facebook is making some changes to its News Feed system, which means a crackdown on stories and links that are “click-bait.”

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Audrey Kate Geiger, Audrey Kate Geiger Rising Star, Rising Star Finale Audrey Kate Geiger, Rising Star 2014 Finale, Rising Star West Coast Save

Have a look at the best Facebook photos of Audrey Kate Geiger, who’s competing to win the title on Rising Star.

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Austin French, Austin French Rising Star, Rising Star Finale Austin French, Rising Star 2014, Austin French Church, Austin French Wife, Austin French Wife Jocelyn Marshall, Jocelyn Marshall

Check out the best Facebook photos of Rising Star contestant, pastor Austin French. Have a look at some of the pics from his wedding to wife Jocelyn too.

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samsung, vr, virtual reality, vr headset, samsung vr headset, oculus, oculus rift, oculus vr, gear vr, ifa, berlin ifa

Facebook wants to pay you money for reporting bugs with Oculus Rift. Here’s how to claim your cash.

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Josh Altman, Josh Altman Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Altman Million Dollar Listing LA, Heather Bilyeu, Josh Altman Wedding, Josh Altman Girlfriend, Josh Altman Fiancee, Altman Brothers

Check out Josh Altman’s best Instagram photos. You may know him from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, which premieres it’s 7th season tonight.

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Edith Flagg, Josh Flagg Grandma Edith Flagg, Josh Flagg Grandmother Edith Flagg, Million Dollar Listing Edith Flagg, Grandma Edith Flagg

Grandma Edith Flagg was the beloved grandmother to Josh Flagg of Million Dollar Listing LA. She recently passed away … Have a look at her best Facebook pics.

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David Parnes And James Harris, David Parnes Girlfriend Adrian, David Parnes, David Parnes Million Dollar Listing LA, David Parnes Millions Dollar Listing Los Angeles

David Parnes and James Harris are the new agents on Million Dollar Listing LA. Get the facts on Parnes, his girlfriend and his beef with Josh Altman.

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James Rigato, Top Chef Cast 2014, Top Chef Cast Season 12, Top Chef Season 12 Contestants, Top Chef Boston Cast, Top Chef Boston Contestants, Top Chef Contestants Season 12, Top Chef Contestants 2014

Season 12 of Top Chef: Boston premieres October 15, 2014. Check out all the cast photos to see which contestants are in it to win it in the kitchen.

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Christian Stoinev, Christian Stoinev AGT, Christian Stoinev America's Got Talent 2014, Christian Stoinev And Scooby Dog, Christian Stoinev Dog

Christian Stoinev and his dog Scooby light up the stage on America’s Got Talent. Check out all the facts on the adorable duo here.

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Paul Ieti, Paul Ieti AGT, Paul Ieti America's Got Talent, Paul Ieti Photos, Paul Ieti Pics, Paul Ieti America's Got Talent 2014

Paul Ieti from America’s Got Talent is one of the Top 5 semi-finalists. Check out his best pics here and cross your fingers he wins AGT 2014.

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Blue Journey, Blue Journey AGT, Blue Journey America's Got Talent, Blue Journey Nick Mishoe, Blue Journey Rachel Kivlighan, Rachel Kivlighan, Nick Mishoe

Rachel Kivlighan and Nick Mishoe make up shadow dance duo Blue Journey on America’s Got Talent. Check out all the facts on the AGT semi-finalists.

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Hakim Isler, Hakim Isler Naked And Afriad, Hakim Isler Naked And Afraid 2014, Hakim Isler Photos, Hakim Isler Martial Arts, Hakim Isler Pics

Hakim Isler is one of the survivalists on tonight’s Naked And Afraid. Check out the best Facebook pics of the ninja and “Black MacGyver.”

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