Jaylen Fryberg’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts left ominous clues about the Pilchuck High School shooter.

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Jaylen Ray Fryberg is the freshman gunman in the Pilchuck High School shooting in Marysville, Washington.

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Martin Couture-Rouleau posted on Facebook as Ahmad Rouleau from his home in Quebec. On October 20, Rouleau killed soldier Patrice Vincent in the name of Allah.

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Can Facebook’s next app take on established apps like Secret and Whisper?

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Learn how to use Ello and what makes it different from Facebook right here.

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Check out the best Facebook photos of Naked And Afraid survivalist Honora Bowen who tries to fight her way through Brazil without partner Michael Strutzel.

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Season 3 of Breaking Amish is heating up with Vonda Shrock joining the cast. Have a look at the tan girl’s best Facebook pics …

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Discontinued ’90s soft drink Surge is back for the first time in 12 years and is available on Amazon. The first batch is already sold out.

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Check out the best Facebook photos of Survivor and Naked And Afraid star Michael Jefferson with pretty girlfriend Sarah Bartlett.

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Check out the best Facebook photos of Michael Jefferson of Naked And Afraid and Survivor.

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Who will win the 2015 Miss America competition? Check out all the best social media pics of this year’s beautiful contestants to see all the participants.

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Facebook is down again, folks.

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Have a look at Billy Serviss’ best Facebook pics with his son, on his own, and with his Love Prison co-star Jeanne Siegel.

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Amanda Leigh is teamed up with Joshua Bell as a survivalist on “Naked And Afraid.” Check out her best Facebook photos here.

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Facebook’s autoplay feature eats up data, but it is easy to turn it off.

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Some people called 911 because Facebook was down. Seriously.

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