Ricky Roy House Jr. and Kendra Tooley have been arrested by Posey County, Indiana Sheriffs Department, for the kidnapping and rape of Joelle Lockwood, who has been missing for two months and found in a wooden cage.

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indiana women survive train

Two Indiana women at the top of an 80-foot bridge survive being run over by a train by lying beneath it. Watch the amazing video here.

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The Indiana man is wanted by the feds after hundreds of homemade dynamite sticks were discovered in his garage.

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Massive clean-up operation is underway along I-94 as cranes and rescue vehicles seek to clear the road of more than40 semis and other cars.

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Andrew Boldt has been ID’d as the TA who was shot and killed in the Purdue University shooting on Tuesday. Here are the pictures to remember him by.

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Andrew Boldt has been identified as the TA who was targeted and killed at Purdue University.

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The shooting put the entire Purdue University complex on lockdown for hours.

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A shooting has been reported at the Purdue Electrical Engineering building in Indiana. The gun attack was confirmed by campus police.

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A man armed with a hunting knife and semi-automatic shot and killed two in an Indiana supermarket, before being shot by police. Here’s what you need to know.

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The massive winter storm has dumped a foot and a half of snow in some locations in Illinois.

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