Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is expected to become Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador to China. Who will become the new governor if Branstad is confirmed?

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Terry Branstad is expected to be Donald Trump’s pick for ambassador to China. Branstad has a close relationship with the nation’s president, Xi Jinping.

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Iowa voters this year have will be highly influential in who becomes the next president, and also on the ballot are some key races for the House and Senate.

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Who’s on the ballot in Iowa on November 8? The race for president but also a large number of state races. See them here.

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Early voting numbers in Iowa show a decline in Democratic turnout, suggesting Donald Trump has a chance to pick up a win in the state.

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Des Moines police officer Anthony “Tony” Beminio was one of two officers killed in ambush-style attacks in Iowa Wednesday morning.

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Urbandale Police officer Justin Martin was one of the two police officers killed in an ambush in Iowa early Wednesday morning.

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Scott Michael Greene, 46, has been identified as the suspect in the ambush-style killings of two police officers in Iowa.

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Kraigen Grooms was given only a suspended 10-year prison sentence after engaging in a lascivious act with a toddler and allegedly plotting the sexual assault of another child. The public is outraged and has made a petition to get the judge who imposed the sentence fired. Read more on the story here.

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Lea Phann is a 12-year-old girl killed in a traffic accident in Des Moines allegedly by a man, Fernando Lopez Aguilar, whom a U.S. Senator, Chuck Grassley, says is in the United States illegally.

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U.S. Rep. Steve King is causing controversy for saying whites contributed more to civilization. It’s not the first time his comments on race caused a stir.

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Iowa Representative Steve King made another controversial comment, asking what race other than white people had contributed more to Western Civilization.

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Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is the first female veteran elected to the U.S. Senate and a possible Donald Trump running mate. Here’s where she stands on key issues.

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Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst’s husband, Gail Ernst, has been in hot water in the past over controversial comments he made about women, including Hillary Clinton. Learn what they were here.

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Melania Trump, the wife of Donald Trump, and other family members hit the campaign trail in Iowa before the Republican caucus. See photos and video here.

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The Iowa caucus polls open today and it’s predicted to be a close race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republican ticket and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic.

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