Could ISIS attack the United States with Ebola? Does the Islamic State have the capability to carry out a bio-terror attack on America with an “Ebola bomb”?

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Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah, a devout Muslim, scored a touchdown in their game against the Patriots, bowing in prayer and drawing a 15-yard penalty.

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Kansas City Chief’s safety Husain Abdullah made it into the end zone last night and bowed in prayer. His actions drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

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Ramadan 2014 begins tomorrow evening, June 28! Celebrate the month long Muslim holiday of fasting with these funny memes. Ramadan Mubarak!

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A man on a flight to the Philippines stood and shouted an Islamic prayer, startling other passengers onboard. One fellow passenger filmed it all.

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A multi-faith candlelight vigil was held in Kuala Lumpur for the missing passengers of MH370. Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians all came together to grieve.

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Ever wonder what happens if you accidentally see a Muslim woman’s hair? Or what she wears swimming? A Muslim women on Reddit gives the inside scoop.

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Muslim pilgrims from around the world have begun the annual journey to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and are documenting it on Instagram.

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The trial of 42-year-old Nidal Malik Hasan, who allegedly murdered 13 people in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, began today.

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After a viral interview left Fox News’ Lauren Green embarrassed, here’s what you need to know about Reza Aslan — the Muslim author of a book about Jesus.

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Is this the beginning of another revolution?

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Dramatic images are surfacing of the rioting in Turkey, where the public is rising up against the government.

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If you want your women to stay at home, just harass them!

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He only single-handedly sent the Middle East into an uproar by producing the movie “Innocence of Muslims.” Now he’s in jail.

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A top Pakistani official has put a price on the head of the producer of an anti-Muslim film that has lead to protests worldwide.

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Has one woman’s personal war gone a bit too far?

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