A 30-year-old accountant from Philadelphia claims The Happiest Hour, a New York City bar, denied him service because of his Make America Great Again hat.

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Jimmy Breslin, the famed New York newspaper columnist who wrote iconic pieces like “Gravedigger,” has died.

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Ronnie Eldridge, Jimmy Breslin’s wife, is prominent herself as a former New York City councilwoman.

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Yadira “Yari” Arroyo is the EMT from the Bronx who was run over by a suspect who carjacked the ambulance she was driving in New York. Horrific videos captured the scene.

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Dailene Rosario, a 17-year-old pregnant girl, was stunned with a Taser during an arrest by the NYPD at an apartment in The Bronx. The incident was caught on video.

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Fresh off of Winter Storm Niko, the Northeast will be blanketed once again when Winter Storm Orson hits. See how much snow is expected from the storm.

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Winter Storm Niko is 2017’s nor’easter. The winter storm is expected to bring white out conditions and thundersnow to New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia.

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Wondering if there are any snow plows working in New York City from Winter Storm Niko? Find out here.

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Will New York City subways run on regular schedules on New Year’s Eve 2016? Get the details on NYC subway schedules and hours of operation here.

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Trump Tower in New York City was evacuated after a suspicious package was found. Watch video from the scene here.

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A 37-year-old Brooklyn man originally from Yemen who is accused of trying to fight for ISIS talked about a Nice, France-style attack on Times Square, feds say.

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The “surrogate” son of an elite jeweler to the stars is a suspect in the murder of Joseph Comunale, whose body was found in a shallow grave along the Jersey Shore.

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In an article from the newest edition of the Islamic State “Rumiyah” magazine, ISIS suggests that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would be “an excellent target” for a terrorist attack.

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Trump Tower protesters in New York City and in Texas burned the American flag to protest the election of Donald Trump as president. See the flag burning photos.

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Julio Salcedo was arrested in connection with the Bronx marijuana grow house explosion that killed fire chief Michael Fahy.

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Fire Chief Michael Fahy, a 17-year veteran of the New York Fire Department, was killed while on duty Tuesday morning.

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