President Barack Obama finally visited Louisiana on Tuesday after floods ravaged the area, leaving at least 13 people dead, and met Alton Sterling’s family.

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The President’s best quotes to celebrate Barack Obama’s 55th birthday.

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Vice President Joe Biden and Federal Judge Timothy Lewis said in the Obama Administration’s weekly address that the Senate needs to vote on Merrick Garland.

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Wondering why Barack Obama can’t run for a third term in the White House? It goes back to George Washington.

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President Barack Obama made a resounding appeal for Hillary Clinton on Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention.

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Even though Malik Obama lives in Kenya, President Barack Obama’s half-brother says he will vote for Donald Trump.

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President Barack Obama brought in Massachusetts Senator for the Weekly Address, covering progress made on Wall Street before the DNC.

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President Barack Obama released a statement on Sunday after the deaths of three Baton Rouge Police Officers.

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In his weekly address, Obama talked about the meetings he’s had with leaders over the week after the shootings in Dallas, Minnesota and Louisiana.

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President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry issued a quick response on the attempted military coup in Turkey.

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President Obama quickly condemned the attack in Nice, France, where a truck driver plowed into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day.

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The decision by ABC to broadcast President Obama’s town hall discussion on ESPN has some sports fans confused. Find out the details on the programming here.

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President Barack Obama lead an interfaith memorial service in Dallas in memory of the five police officers killed last week by a sniper.

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In the White House’s weekly address, Joe Biden sat in for Barack Obama to deliver a message to promote peace after the shooting in Dallas.

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For the second time in a day, President Barack Obama had to comment on a shooting in the U.S. while he’s in Warsaw.

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President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will campaign together Tuesday in Charlotte, marking their first joint campaign appearance in 2016. Watch the live stream of the rally here.

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