Donald Trump incorrectly blasted President Barack Obama for releasing 122 ‘vicious’ Guantanamo Bay prisoners who re-engaged in terrorism after seeing a Fox report.

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General James ‘Jim’ Jones was reportedly one of four finalists to become Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser. Jones already held that job under Obama.

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In his first statement as a former president, Barack Obama said he was ‘heartened’ to see Americans protest President Donald Trump’s Immigration Executive Order.

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After Barack Obama’s time in office, the former president has big plans. Here’s what you need to know about the next chapter in Obama’s life.

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President Barack Obama met with Donald Trump just moments before Trump is sworn in to replace him. Here is a look at the meeting.

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In 2013, President Barack Obama delivered his second inaugural address. With Donald Trump taking the oath of office, here’s a look back at Obama’s speech.

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In 2009, President Barack Obama delivered his first inauguration speech. Take a look back at that moment eight years ago, before Donald Trump delivers his first.

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In 2009, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and President Barack Obama botched the Oat of Office during the inauguration. They later had to do a take two.

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With Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration here, we take a look back at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration and the best moments from January 21, 2013.

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Several presidents have had poems read to help celebrate their inauguration day. Click here to read more about them.

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President Barack Obama held his final press conference two days before Donald Trump is elected president. He gave his last statements as Commander in Chief.

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Oscar Lopez Rivera, who fought for Puerto Rico’s independence from the U.S., had his prison sentence commuted by President Barack Obama on January 17.

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During an emotional ceremony to honor Vice President Joe Biden, Barack Obama surprised the life-long public servant with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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Sasha Obama wasn’t in Chicago for President Barack Obama’s farewell address. It was a school night and the White House confirmed that she has a test Wednesday.

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President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address in Chicago, saying goodbye to the American people and recalling his achievements.

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President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address, the last time he’ll speak to the American people as Commander in Chief. Watch the full video here.

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