SNL did a parody sketch of Serial host Sarah Koenig (Cecily Strong) investigating the story of Kris Kringle (Kyle Mooney). The impersonations were spot on.

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A sketch that aired last night on Saturday Night Live featuring Vanessa Bayer pokes fun at political correctness regarding race in children’s toys.

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A drunken nude man dances with Darwinism after lighting a fireworks hat on fire and gyrating to Ylvis’ 2013 hit The Fox or What Does the Fox Say?

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Here’s the list of the top 5, funniest viral videos for the week of December 20, 2014. From a helpful tortoise to a Willy Wonka dub over a turbulent flight!

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Former NBA player Darko Milicic has entered the world of professional kickboxing and his first-ever bout was Thursday in Serbia. Watch how the former No. 2 overall pick fared.

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This guy’s sister-in-law played the most incredible Jenga move ever. Watch it closely: she’s lightning fast.

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Kevin took Molly into a photo booth for some fun. Unbeknownst to Molly, Kevin planned to propose to her on camera. She walked out his fiancee.

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A girl on vying for the “10 Second Talent Show” top title shows Shonduras that she can inhale a slice of deli meat in one second.

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A video of American Airlines flight passengers experiencing severe turbulence takes a funny turn when dubbed over with Gene Wilder’s Boat Song.

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Here is the scene from The Interview that caused Sony pictures to cancel the release of the movie due to terror threats from North Korea.

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Silas Patlove from Sausalito, California was biking at 30 MPH while wearing a GoPro camera when a deer ran out and collided with him on his bike.

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A woman auditioning for the Oxygen reality TV show Bad Girls Club got booted in the parking lot and drove off with the boot on, damaging her BMW.

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Promising Bucks rookie Jabari Parker tore the ACL in his left knee Monday, ending his season after 25 games. See the video here.

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A giant tortoise at the Taipei Zoo got stuck on his shell. Another tortoise came along and turned his friend over.

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Ylvis’ “The Fox” wasn’t a holiday song when it came out in 2013, but check out this cool “amateur” Christmas light show featuring the tune and the fox.

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Here’s the list of the top 5, funniest viral videos for the week of December 13, 2014. From a magician being stopped by cops to refs fist bumping, it’s here!

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