A Hong Kong protester participating in the Umbrella Revolution caught a tear gas canister grenade fired at him by riot police and threw it back at the officers.

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pixar theory

Last summer, Jon Negroni developed the “Pixar Theory,” which suggested all the movies took place in one universe. Here it is in video.

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husain abdullah, muslim, islam, prayer, nfl, chiefs

Kansas City Chief’s safety Husain Abdullah made it into the end zone last night and bowed in prayer. His actions drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

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taylor swift, adele, leukemia, hospital

Taylor Swift is known for visiting fans in hospitals, and on a recent trip she met a leukemia cancer patient who wanted to accompany her to Adele on a keyboard.

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homemade flamethrower backpack

Jacob Bumgardner made a homemade flamethrower backpack, much to his girlfriend’s chagrin. She questions him, “What the f*ck is that for?!” He says, “Fun.”

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bicycle, jump, fail

Gabe was doing a bicycle jump, and his cousin was there to film and narrate it. Unfortunately for Gabe, he crashed the jump and it “very hurt.”

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monster truck, Haaksbergen, netherlands, accident, crash, crowd

A crowd gathered at the AutoMotorSportief monster truck show in Haaksbergen, Netherlands had to run for their lives when truck came at them. 3 people are dead.

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funny videos, funny pictures

Here’s the list of the top 5, funniest viral videos for September 2014.

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mount ontake, japan, eruption, volcano

Mount Ontake in Nagano prefecture erupted in central Japan. Hikers on the mountain had to run for cover. Here is one of the hiker’s, Kuroda Terutoshi, video.

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benedict cumberbatch, penguins, bbc, south pacific

Benedict Cumberbatch narrated a BBC documentary called South Pacific (Wild Pacific in the US) where he had a lot of trouble saying the word “penguin.”

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