President Donald Trump appeared to give the Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni, the middle finger while to scratching his head at the G7 summit in Taormina, Sicily.

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A woman begging for change on a roadside in Richmond, Virginia was caught on-camera walking back to her Fiat model car in a McDonald’s parking lot. Her cardboard sign claims that she’s homeless.

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A white woman in Manassas, Virginia was on her cell phone in a mall seeking help finding another store when a Hispanic man offers help. She racially attacks him and complains that he speaks Spanish.

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A woman has discovered a funny little “Easter egg” after introducing her Google Home intelligent personal assistant to her Amazon Echo Alexa.

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A man named Michael, who is wheelchair bound, cussed out and attacked a Hispanic man for speaking Spanish to his mother on the phone in an airport. The man then makes racist remarks.

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The parents of Kingston Frazier, 6, found out about his death after driving up to a press conference.

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Chris Cornell had of the most recognizable voices in rock n’ roll history. He died unexpectedly after a concert on May 17, 2017. Watch videos of his final show here.

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Jonathan Holley, a custodian featured in a viral video showing him being reprimanded by former Webb Bridge Middle School principal Susan Opferman, has released a video update to the story.

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Robert Fox and his passenger were attacked by a manic woman with a knife in a Panda Express parking lot in Billings, Montana. The woman claimed that the men had tried to run her over while backing up.

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Susan Opferman is the high school principal at Webb Bridge Middle School in Alpharetta, Georgia featured in a viral video showing her reprimanding a janitor named Jonathan Holley.

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Susan Opferman, a high school principal at Webb Bridge Middle School in Alpharetta, Georgia, told a long time custodian named Jonathan Holley that she would have to speak to HR after he left work early.

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Delta Airlines is the latest airline to raise controversy after removing the Schear family of Huntington Beach, California from flight 2222 from Maui to LAX on April 23.

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Mike Martin, known as YouTuber DaddyOFive, and his wife lost custody of his two children after he had success with disturbing videos some called child abuse.

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CBS4 of Miami used the mugshots of Samuael Martindale and Mackendy Jules during a news report about the two African-American men killed by drunk driver Alyza Russell in a 2013 drunk driving incident.

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Independent Game Critic Jim Sterling was involved in an expose on online casinos. Here’s everything else you need to know about him and his work.

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Following the scandal involving Dr. David Dao being forcibly removed from United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville, Reddit has begun to share videos of controversies surrounding United Airlines.

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