Popular MMOs Pat Arrested: Patrick Julianelle Arrest Details

popular mmos pat arrested

Jacksonville Sheriff Popular MMOs Pat was arrested in Florida.

Popular MMOs Pat, a YouTube star and gamer whose real name is Patrick Julianelle, was arrested on a battery accusation but is now out of custody, according to online records from Duval County, Florida. He wrote on Twitter that he was subjected to “false accusations.”

A police report obtained by Heavy.com says that both Pat and his girlfriend, Elizabeth “Liz” Heranek, were arrested because they gave “opposing stories.”

“Based on the opposing stories and no independent witnesses both subjects were placed under arrest for domestic battery and transported to the PDTF without incident. Both individuals refused to complete any of the domestic violence paperwork or provide a written statement or have their injuries photographed,” the report says.

Online records show Pat, whose full real name is Patrick Thomas Julianelle, was taken into custody at 11:15 p.m. on May 16, 2021, by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department in Jacksonville, Florida.

We obtained Julianelle’s booking photo. Here is the mugshot:

JSOJulianelle mugshot

As of May 19, 2021, Julianelle was listed as “out of custody.” He was arrested on an accusation of domestic battery – cause bodily harm, according to jail records obtained by Heavy.

Heavy also confirmed this information with the public information officer for Jacksonville police, who said, “Yes, he was arrested” and confirmed the alleged charge.

Pat has addressed the allegations on his Twitter page, writing, “Don’t believe everything you hear. I will need to address the false accusations soon. And Eleni thanks for leaking my address and harassing me and Liz when she told you to stop posting about her and you refused. You are a terrible person. Okay the last tweet was too much.”

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He has continued to write about the situation, writing on May 24, “I see Eleni changed her profile picture on Youtube to a mugshot. Guess she is getting ready early for all the slander and defamation of character.”

He also wrote: “Still haven’t posted anything because it’s so complicated. There are people I don’t want to hurt with my response. I’ve never hurt anyone but I’d almost rather take the hate myself. They never tell you how hard it will be to have a job in the public eye…”

Here’s what you need to know:

Popular MMOs Pat Was Arrested & Then Released on $2,503 Bond

JSOPatrick Julianelle jail record

The jail records say that Popular MMOs Pat was released on $2,503.00 bond. The charge he was held on is a misdemeanor. The records say he is a 32-year-old white male who stands 6 foot 2 inches tall.


A bond agency is listed in the records. Although police refer charges, it’s the prosecutor who decides whether to actually file them. The jail records for Popular MMOs Pat say that there is no pending court date for him. A prosecutor’s review can take some time.


The police report, which we obtained through an open records request, says that an officer responded to a home in “reference to a naked female banging on the front door.”

The officer made contact with Patrick Julianelle, who was standing outside of his residence.


He stated that he and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Heranek, have been “in an intimate relationship for approximately three months and have resided together in the home for a few weeks.”


The report continues: “Patrick stated that the two have been drinking and got into an argument.” The last part of that sentence is blacked out. “Patrick stated Elizabeth then got into her vehicle and left and was unsure where she went. Patrick stated Elizabeth is bipolar and acts this way often however he never calls the police.”

The officer read Julianelle his Miranda rights, but what he told the police is blacked out. “Patrick invited me into his residence to observed the damage,” the report says, but the rest of it is also blacked out.

Police then made contact with Heranek. She was read her Miranda rights but what she told officers was blacked out.
The report says that “rescue responded and bandaged the injuries” but who that refers to was blacked out.

Heranek is listed as his girlfriend. There is body cam footage.

A Tweet Liked by His Ex-Girlfriend Is Raising Eyebrows

Julianelle’s former girlfriend Jen liked a tweet that made similar accusations against Julianelle, sparking Internet speculation about his arrest.

Pat retweeted a tweet from Jen, though, that said, “I do not use Twitter regularly and when I was messaged about all this drama I went on to see what was being said. By accident I liked a tweet that is now being seen in a poor manner. Pat never in the 10 years we were together laid a hand on me.”

Jen and Pat had announced their breakup on video some time ago.

Pat is a YouTuber and Gamer with more than 17 millions subscribers. His most recent YouTube video is on Minecraft.

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