Cyrus Baxter Car Accident: Ebonie Baxter Confirms His Death

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Cyrus Baxter, who was also known as Cyrus Russell, was part of the Baxter Boys’ family of social media fame, and tributes are flowing on the internet after his mother, Ebonie Baxter, confirmed that her son had died in a car accident.

Ebonie Baxter and her husband Byron Baxter are social media influencers. The family runs the Baxter Boys YouTube channel, which has 122,000 subscribers. It has highlighted the plight of Cyrus’s brother, Byron. She goes by her full name, Ebonie Marie Baxter, on Facebook. According to online records, the family lives in Georgia.

“Hi I’m Byron Baxter and I’m 5 years old with a rare bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I have had over 100 fractures yet that doesn’t stop me from smiling! Blake is my little Bro just a lot bigger! Thank you for subscribing to our Channel!” that page says. Cyrus Baxter was the eldest of Ebonie’s children. The family’s Instagram page has 1.2 million followers. According to Fox8, Byron’s story was highlighted by celebrities like Cardi B.

Be aware that some of the videos by Ebonie may be disturbing for some. An official told her in one video that it’s believed her son took his own life by driving at a high rate of speed, which led to a car accident. She speaks openly about suicide and shares her grief in a very vivid manner on the family’s social media accounts.

If you or a loved one need help, please don’t hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. Help is always available at that number.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ebonie Baxter Confirmed on Facebook That Cyrus Has Died in Live Videos & Posts

The confirmation of Cyrus Baxter’s death came on Facebook from his mom, who posted a series of posts about it. The family’s Instagram page has also posted tributes to Cyrus.

On September 11, 2021, Ebonie Baxter wrote on Facebook,

My Son is gone… I’m up just thinking about his final moments. I’m hurting so bad…Then to see this fake Gofundme when my sons finale is already paid for~ I’m picking up his ashes in the morning how dare people….God please help me get thru this… My Son why did you leave me? What could I have done? I wanna hear your voice son like I did everyday… I just want to wake up from this nightmare… My Son is Dead💔 I don’t blame you God, I know you loved him more than me, I know you have him now but I’m broken… I’m left to explain to my kids that the Big Brother they love is no longer here… They keep asking for him.. My SON WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME??? Cyrus!!!!!!! Wake Me Up!!!!!

On September 9, she wrote a heartbreaking post on Facebook:

Mental illness is real… as a mom to a young adult that I’m constantly worried about can be so overwhelming. Whenever a meltdown occurs I wait by the phone praying to get a response the next morning. Checking my phone to see if my messages have been ‘read’ that way I can confirm he’s alive. As a parent you try to do everything possible to change what the perception of his reality looks like. You ask him to come over, ask him to go to lunch with you, heck, I pay my son a $10 daily bonus just to take his medication everyday…. As a mom you do what you can.. This morning is one of those days…. I’m checking my phone to see if he’s ‘read’ my messages, that lets me know he’s made it thru another night… People may ask ‘why don’t you just go to his house?’ I’ve done so numerous times, multiple times during a month… and it’s always that ‘one time’ if I am exhausted and decide to stay home, the what if’s are overwhelming. There’s no help legally either…. They’ll hold him for 72 hours and let him back out to restart the cycle… I feel helpless. I don’t wanna lose my son. But my son doesn’t wanna get it together… I wish there was something that I could do that would work! But in the meantime all I can do is wait and watch my phone to see if he wakes up and ‘reads’ my messages…That lets me know at least he made it thru another night…

However, then came the tragic news.

She told people “my son crashed his car and he went through the window.” In one live stream, she said she went to his house to see where he was at, but he was not there. She said that Cyrus had threatened to die by suicide. “I just prayed for him. I didn’t know where to run to him,” she said in a video. “I’ve been calling him all night and all morning.”

In that video, she was heading to the police precinct to look for him. That was on September 9. The video continues to show her seeking notification of her son’s death from officials. Then that notification came. Cyrus was dead.

“Let me express my condolences to you guys. Right now it does look like he tried to commit suicide in the accident. he was driving at a high rate of speed…and he ended up in some trees,” an official told Ebonie Baxter in the live video.

Ebonie Wrote, ‘All I Ever Wanted Was For Him to Smile’

Ebonie expressed her pain and anger on Facebook. She wrote,

Headed to the funeral home to make arrangements for My Sonshine… For 20 years I was the best mom I could be for him… I fought all of his battles and I didn’t mind either! Many will say I wasn’t strict, I let him run all over me and I did because all I ever wanted was for him to smile. I wanted him to know how much I loved him. Yesterday He took his life… he crashed his car into trees while he was on the phone with a female… he told her he rathered his mom to find his body then to go searching for it… I am broken. As I head to this funeral home to sign the paperwork to view his body I’m praying that GOD keeps me. I don’t think I prayed enough… did I give enough, did I harass him enough to spend more time with me? For over 20 years it was him and I…. Now he’s with GOD and I’m here to pick up the broken pieces..I’m f***ing angry. I’m hurt! How the hell do I go on after this?? Where is this strength that I am supposed to have?? I want a drink, I want to fight, I want to take his place…My F***ING SON IS DEAD💔💔💔

She has shared many other live Facebook videos about the situation.

Ebonie Baxter has posted many other lengthy Facebook Lives about her son. You can find them here.

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