25 Best Christmas Gifts for Neighbors: The Ultimate List (2018)

We’ve got a list of great Christmas gifts for your neighbor. Read on to get inspired and find a great holiday gift, or a gift that’s suitable for other occasions like a birthday or hostess gifting. Most gifts on our list below are $25 or less.

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In the rush to find Christmas gifts for your friends, family, romantic partner, and coworkers, you may have overlooked your own neighbors. That would be a shame, because neighbors can be really important.

A neighbor is someone who might help you by dog sitting or baby sitting, or keeping an eye on your place when you're on vacation. Maybe your neighbor lets you borrow their lawnmower whenever you need it, or never says no to letting you have a cup of sugar. And even if you don't get along super great with your neighbors, Christmas can be an opportunity to change that.

A thoughtful Christmas gift can help mend fences with any neighbors you might have quarreled with earlier in the year. And if you have had no contact at all with your neighbors, a little holiday gift can help start a new friendship. Whether you're super close with your neighbors, or just want to keep the peace in the neighborhood, this gift guide is here to help.

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