National Dog Show 2015 Results: Group Winners & Best in Show

Charlie the Skye Terrier is the Best in Show winner at the 2015 National Dog Show. (Twitter/StartingGateMkt)

Charlie the Skye Terrier is the Best in Show winner at the 2015 National Dog Show. (Twitter/StartingGateMkt)

The National Dog Show is one of Thanksgiving’s greatest traditions.

But while viewers are typically concerned with seeing all the different breeds of dogs, it’s easy to forget this is also a competition. Hundreds of owners and trainers gathered at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia for one reason: Best in Show.

The breeds of dogs are split into seven groups: Terrier Group, Toy Group, Working Group, Sporting Group, Hound Group, Non-Sporting Group and Herding Group. A winner from each group was, and of those seven dogs, Charlie the Skye Terrier was named Best in Show.

Here’s a look at the complete results:

Best In Show

Winner: Skye Terrier (Charlie)

Hound Group

Winner: Scottish Deerhound

Second in Group: American Foxhound

Third in Group: Whippet

Fourth in Group: Bloodhound

Herding Group

Winner: Bearded Collie

Second in Group: Australian Shepherd

Third in Group: Briard

Fourth in Group:

Working Group

Winner: Newfoundland

Second in Group: Samoyed

Third in Group: Doberman Pinscher

Fourth in Group: Bullmastiff

Terrier Group

Winner: Skye Terrier

Second in Group: Scottish Terrier

Third in Group: Smooth Fox Terrier

Fourth in Group: American Staffordshire

Toy Group

Winner: Smooth Coat Chihuahua

Second in Group: Japanese Chin

Third in Group: Brussels Griffon

Fourth in Group: Yorkshire Terrier

Sporting Group

Winner: Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB)

Second in Group: Gordon Setter

Third in Group: Wirehaired Pointing

Fourth in Group: Curly-Coated Retriever

Non-Sporting Group

Winner: French Bulldog

Second in Group: Coton de Tulear

Third in Group: Keeshonden

Fourth in Group: Lhasa Apso

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