WATCH: Ezekiel Elliott Jumps Into Salvation Army Pot Celebration Video

Ezekiel Elliott has a reputation for hurdling defenders, but he may have just added something else to his resume. After scoring a touchdown in the second quarter of the Cowboys-Bucs Sunday Night Football matchup, Elliott jumped into the Salvation Army bucket as part of the celebration. It was a funny moment except he was flagged for the celebration. The touchdown gave the Cowboys a 10-3 lead and the penalty was assessed on the kickoff.

There’s a good chance you will not be able to stop watching this GIF:

Elliott will be fined for unsportsmanlike conduct, but the fine will ironically be tax deductible.

Just like the bucket, Elliott enjoys hurdling over defenders during games. Here’s one example:

He’s been a big reason for the Cowboys success this season. Heading into Week 15, Elliott rushed for 1,392 and 12 touchdowns. There was skepticism when the Cowboys selected a running back with the 4th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, but Elliott’s stellar play might cause teams to take a second look at drafting a running back early when the 2017 draft rolls around.

Here’s some of the memes and reactions to the celebration:

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