Shannon Sharpe Won’t be Covering Dwight Howard on ‘Undisputed’

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Yesterday was a rough day in the life of Dwight Howard. The Washington Wizards power forward didn’t play with the team last night because of an injury, but he made headlines (and nearly destroyed Twitter) for other reasons.

Long story short, a man claiming to have dated Howard spoke out with accusations about him on Twitter, saying that Howard and his associates threatened his life in an effort to keep the NBA player’s sexuality a secret.

The thread goes on to detail sex parties, deceit, cover-ups and threats–some of which are backed up by screenshots and recorded phone conversations.

Howard has yet to comment on the situation, but the man has been the talk of Twitter for the last twelve hours.

You Won’t See This Story Covered on ‘Undisputed’

In light of the news, Shannon Sharpe was in a lot of people’s mentions with questions about whether he and Skip Bayless would cover the controversy on their FS1 show “Undisputed.”

Sharpe had a few strong reactions to the inquiries throughout the night, insisting that Howard’s sexuality is none of his business and has no place on a sports analysis program.

At first, it seemed like Sharpe hadn’t looked into the story yet. He might have assumed that some of Howard’s other antics had grabbed the headlines:

But after realizing the situation, Sharpe quickly shut the topic down in an act of professionalism and class that is sometimes rare on Twitter, especially in situations like this:

He continued when pressed by more Twitter users, reiterating that another person’s sexuality is none of his business–NBA player or not:

When it came to the alleged threats made by Dwight and his associates, Sharpe called them out as wrong but still insisted that the topic won’t be covered on the show:

And when another Twitter user called him out for not covering the “public news”, Sharpe had this to say:

Finally, Sharpe was accused of being “PC” with his responses. He clapped back with this:

What Will Happen to Dwight?

Dwight Howard

GettyWashington Wizards center Dwight Howard

Even if Sharpe is too grown for gossip, most of Twitter certainly isn’t. While the allegations of threatening and harassing the man who accused him are the most concerning part of all of this, Twitter has been blowing up with thousands of unsavory jokes about Howard’s sexuality. Reading them, one could forget that it is indeed the year 2018.

That being said, there’s hardly an NBA fan that isn’t waiting with bated breath for Howard’s statement on all of this. If the darkest parts of the story aren’t true and Howard opens up about his sexuality–at least to confirm it–he could quickly become a queer icon and trailblazer in the NBA.

If those dark parts of the story are true, though, Howard could go in the opposite direction and possibly even face jail time for harassment.

Time will tell. But as far as basketball goes, the Wizards do indeed have other issues.

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