Neymar Accused of Rape in Paris, Charges Pressed in Sao Paulo

Getty Neymar Jr grabs his left knee during a training session of the Brazilian national football team at the squad's Granja Comary training complex on May 28, 2019 in Teresopolis, Brazil.

According to a report from UOL Esporte, Brazilian soccer star Neymar has been accused of rape. A document was filed on 31 May by a woman in the 6th police station in Santo Amaro, a neighborhood outside of Sao Paulo. She is alleging that the incident occurred in Paris, and is not releasing her name at this time.

According to a Google translation of the article, a friend of Neymar’s called Gallo facilitated a meeting between the two.

In the document, obtained by UOL Sport, the accusation is that Neymar met the woman through the Instagram. After a conversation, it was agreed, through a friend of the player, called Gallo, that she would receive passage and lodging to travel to France to meet Neymar. According to the report, she stayed from May 15 at the Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe and at around 8pm Neymar would have arrived drunk at the hotel.

After exchanges of caresses the woman accused Neymar of being aggressive and, through violence, practiced sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim. She said in her testimony that she returned to Brazil on May 17 and that she was emotionally shaken and afraid to record the occurrence.

Neymar’s legal team will review the document and comment later. Meanwhile, a police investigation has started.

A video surfaced Wednesday from Twitter user @LeooMess10i that shows an interaction between he asserts is Neymar and the women in question. It depicts him and a woman who may or not be the one who filed the lawsuit jumping onto a bed together. Soon after, they engage in a shouting match with shoving.

The Esporte article states that a Brazilian court can rule that the accusation could be defamation. According to RM Warner, a false accusation in Brazil can lead to heavy legal punishment, including three months to a year in jail.

The document is in Portuguese and can be read here. Neymar has yet to release a statement or comment, including on his Twitter and Instagram pages. Heavy has reached out to his current team Paris-Saint Germaine for comment.

This is the second major soccer star who has made the news the last few weeks for sexual assault allegations. Cristiano Ronaldo was tracked down for rape summons by his accuser Kathryn Mayorga.

She filed a complaint on Sept. 27 in the Clark County Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court. Mayorga states that when she was 25 in June 2009, she went to the Vegas nightclub Rain with a friend when she met Ronaldo. He invited her back to his hotel room.

Our own Ellyn Santiago paraphrases from the complaint:

In the suite was a hot tub. Mayorga was invited in but said she did not have a swimsuit. Ronaldo offered her something to wear in the tub. She followed him into a room in the suite for gym shorts and a top, and when she went to the bathroom to change, he came in with an erect penis and told her to perform oral sex, the complaint reads. She said no, and stated she wanted to leave the suite. She alleges that Ronaldo then pulled her into a bedroom and onto a bed and tried to have intercourse with her. She covered herself to prevent it, the complaint states, and then, the complaint reads, Ronaldo turned her over and forcibly sodomized her while she screamed, “No, no no.”

Depending on when the Italian Central Authority delivers those, that trial could start in the next three to five months. For Neymar, the timeline going forward is based on how his legal team responds.

This is a developing story.