Margarita Plavunova Dead: Russian Athlete & Model Dies at 25

Margarita Plavunova

Instagram/Margarita Plavunova Margarita Plavunova pictured on her Instagram page.

Margarita Plavunova is a Russian athlete and model who died at the age of 25 while out for a run in the Tamblov Oblast region of her homeland.

Her death was confirmed on the Instagram page of her boyfriend, fellow athlete Pasha Sedykh.

Pravda reports that Plavunova was found dead at the side of a road in a village in the Morshansky District in the western part of Russia. The Russian State Media report says that Plavunova died of acute heart failure.

Her death, according to Sports Express in Russia, occurred on August 19. That article said that Plauvnova was not known to have suffered from any health issues. Their report on her death goes on to discuss her popularity on Instagram, noting that former Russian soccer striker Alexander Kerzhakov was among her fans.

Plavunova told Kirov-Portal that her boyfriend didn’t show her any jealousy of her many admirers. At the time of her death, Plavunova had over 5,000 followers on Instagram.

In March 2019, Plavunova said of her decision to become a hurdler, via Google Translate, “Barrier running is interesting and not monotonous. In addition, a huge plus is the variety in training.”

Witnesses told local media that Plavunova was seen falling into a grassy area by the side of the road while in the region staying with her grandmother and training. Paramedics were called to the scene but Plavunova was later pronounced dead. No foul play is suspected in the death, although Irytas in Russia reports that authorities were falling a line of inquiry in which witnesses said that Plavunova was “chased by an attacker.”

Pravda reports that Plavunova was renowned in the Tambov region for being a 60-meter hurdler. During her short career, Plavunova had won 18 gold medals, according to Irytas.

During her career as an athlete, Plavunova “specialized in smooth sprinting and hurdling,” according to Sports Express. In addition to competing regionally, Plavunova had competed in national championships as recently as July 2019.

Plavunova was the winner of the Russian Student Championships in 60-meter hurdles and the winner of the CFD Championship in 100 meters hurdles, according to the Kirov Portal. During that feature, Plavunova listed “stubbornness, perseverance and optimism” as her character traits.

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