Orlando Scandrick Rips Malcolm Jenkins, Reveals Eagles Dysfunctional Locker Room

Orlando Scandrick

Getty Former Eagles safety Orlando Scandrick was cut after a poor game in Dallas. Now he is lashing out against his former team.

Orlando Scandrick only played three games in Philadelphia. It was enough for him to diagnose the problems with the Eagles.

The team has been mired in drama and controversy ever since “anonymous sources” started feeding locker-room secrets to the media. Scandrick, who was cut by the Eagles on Oct. 21, appeared on FS1’s “Undisputed” and revealed the alarming issues contributing to the Eagles’ rough start.

The long-time Cowboys safety didn’t hold anything back as he ripped into everyone from Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson to Malcolm Jenkins and Lane Johnson.  According to Scandrick, the organization is still “living on that Super Bowl high” from 2017 and they haven’t found a way to deal with success. He feels the team scape-goated him when they released him following a dismal performance last week in Dallas. Either way, their messy locker room isn’t exaggerated.

“The problem in Philadelphia is much, much deeper than me,” Scandrick told hosts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. “I think they’re having a tough time dealing with success. Whenever you got to say, ‘Oh we’re going to get it together’ … ‘Oh, no one believes in us’ … ‘Oh, it’s about us’ … you are already doomed.”

Scandrick went on to say that he doesn’t believe Alshon Jeffery is the “anonymous source” but there definitely is someone leaking secrets. He suspected it could be a younger guy since so many Eagles players came into the NFL and won a Super Bowl immediately. They never had to deal with losing and the adversity that goes along with it.

“I love Alshon and I’m going to take it from what he said, it wasn’t him. But it came from somewhere. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” Scandrick said. “That locker room is different. I would tell guys when I came there …

“I still felt like they are living on that Super Bowl high. It’s over. You are living in the past but some of those guys came into the league and the first thing they experienced was 13-3 and a Super Bowl and they think that’s what it’s all about.”

Undisputed | Shannon Sharpe: Philly's struggles after blowout loss to Dallas?ORLANDO SCANDRICK JOINS UNDISPUTED Wentz on Eagles' turmoil: "Everyone's going forward and on the same page" Who's really responsible for Philly's struggles after blowout loss to Dallas?2019-10-25T14:47:32.000Z

Scandrick Specifically Calls Out Malcolm Jenkins

On Friday, Orlando Scandrick mentioned a few names in his inflammatory comments about the Eagles. The biggest one was Malcolm Jenkins. While he never uttered his name on-air, he nodded in agreement when Shannon Sharpe said his name.

“When you wear the C on your jersey, it’s your job to bring guys along,” Scandrick said on “Undisputed” on FS1. “Sometimes you need to take the hard job and you need to bring the thing together. I don’t know if that’s the case.

“You look at everything that happened … you hold out for a contract, you come in and you’re not really making any plays, like splash plays — and then you go down to Minnesota and you somehow are supposed to be in the half of the field and you somehow end up as a crosser … that’s not a rookie we are talking about here, it’s a two-time Super Bowl champ.”

Scandrick was referring to two big plays the Eagles gave up to Stefon Diggs in their 38-20 loss in Minnesota. Diggs ran free on highlight-reel touchdowns that went for 51 yards and 62 yards. Cornerback Rasul Douglas got the blame for not keeping up with Diggs, but it may have been Jenkins’ fault. To be fair, the Eagles safety did take the onus for one of them after the game.

“I think there are some selfish people on that defense,” Scandrick said. “Rasul Douglas who is a good friend of mine, I think he took some unwanted heat for some blown coverages on some other people’s selfish play and we don’t even have to say names at all. They know who they are.”

Nick Foles Not Walking Through Those Doors

Another topic touched on was the raging debate between Nick Foles and Carson Wentz. Orlando Scandrick had positive things to say about both quarterbacks and called Wentz a “great guy, a stand-up guy.” However, he admitted that some of the Eagles players prefer Foles over Wentz. They need to get over it.

“Nick Foles is not walking through that door,” Scandrick said. “Let’s start here: Are there some people in that locker room that still want Nick? Yeah. But that’s not a knock against Carson. It’s just everything that Nick has achieved.

“And clearly the organization has shown everybody — the fan base, the players, the organization — they are all in on Carson. It’s his team so somewhere in the happy medium, they’re going to have to figure it out. Get over it.”

Scandrick also briefly compared Wentz to his former quarterback in Dallas, Dak Prescott. He painted a picture of the Cowboys’ signal-caller as a workaholic who is the first one in the building and last one out. That might not be the case in Philadelphia.

“I spent enough time with both of them. Dak is natural born, first one in the building last one out, doing extra things,” Scandrick said. “Carson, if you go back to early in the season, they dropped a few passes and now they want to stay after practice and catch extra passes. That’s adversity, right?

“How do you handle success? You handle success by you rip off a few games and everybody just gets in at 7:15 a.m. and leaves at 6:15 p.m. I think they’re dealing with that and that success is really hurting them right now.”

The Eagles Problems ‘Start from the Top’

Eagles GM Howie Roseman has been taking a lot of heat for not pulling off a blockbuster deal to save the season. Not yet, anyway. On Friday, Orlando Scandrick took him to task for not being a genuine person. He accused the executive of lying straight to his face and thinks its a systemic problem that starts at the top of the organization. The Eagles cut Scandrick on Oct. 21.

“I don’t believe anything that Howie says,” Scandrick said. “If Howie told me it was raining outside I would probably get some shorts, just in case. He put it to me that they wanted to play some younger players on defense — they’re a mess on defense and they needed to get some more defensive linemen and so we’ll see how that works for them this weekend in Buffalo.”

Scandrick hinted that head coach Doug Pederson might be losing the team, as evidenced by that ill-advised half-guarantee he made prior to the Cowboys game. After it, right tackle Lane Johnson called out teammates for showing up late to meetings.

“The problem is not just fixable by saying ‘We’re all going to stick together,'” Scandrick said. “You say we’re all going to stick together, we’re all in this together but then you get Lane saying people are late to meetings, it’s some accountability issues going on there and it starts from the top.”

Scandrick couldn’t pin-point the exact player Johnson was referencing when he made the comment, but he knows for sure it wasn’t a rookie.

“That comment isn’t about a rookie, it’s about someone of some significance,” Scandrick said.

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