Stephen Strasburg’s Kids Make Rare Public Appearance at Nationals Park

Stephen Strasburg Wife

Getty Stephen Strasburg and his daughter

Stephen Strasburg is a player trending towards becoming one of the rare elite MLB starting pitchers to stay with same franchise throughout his entire career. He’s also a famously introverted athlete. Drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in 2009 by the Washington Nationals, Strasburg was the most hyped player in America, a beacon of hope to a young and hungry D.C. team, and as he continues to build on what will likely be a Hall of Fame-worthy career, he manages to keep his personal life extremely private.

The 31-year-old’s focus remains on the game in 2019 and shies away from any media attention. Even after 10 seasons in Washington, Strasburg is rarely seen out with his wife, Rachel Lackey Strasburg, whom he met while playing baseball at San Diego State University, and married on January 9, 2009.

Personal Life of Stephen Strasburg & Family

Strasburg’s wife has no social media accounts and manages stay out of fellow player wives’ Instagram photos fo the most part. Strasburg and Rachel have two young daughters, and their children have always been completely off-limits to press and social media. That is until Washington won the NL wild-card matchup against the Milwaukee Brewers on October 1.

Not only did the Nationals make a late rally to win the elimination game, for the first time ever, but Strasburg also took the mound as a relief pitcher. In the top of the sixth inning, he delivered three shutout innings after Max Scherzer’s shaky start, and when the Nationals clinched their ticket to the NLDS, Strasburg shocked fans by celebrating at Nationals Park in front of the cameras with his family.

Holding his youngest daughter, who was born on April 25, 2017, as Raegan, his eldest daughter, born October 2013, trailed behind, both kids were rocking his No. 37 jersey.

The last time Strasburg brought his daughter, Raegan, to a press event, it was when her father signed his monster $175 million, 7-year contract extension with the Nationals in 2016. She adorably handed him flowers after the deal was done.

Strasburg Opens up About His Favorite Part of Being a Dad

Stephen Strasburg #37 of the Washington Nationals

Five months after the birth of his first child, Strasburg told The Washington Post, “I want to go out there and be successful in this game and help this team win. But that’s not my number one priority now. That’s being the best dad I can be. That’s awesome. It’s amazing how that changes your life. Just the little things. She rolls over a little bit or she makes a new noise, it’s amazing to see. You don’t want to miss any of it.”

“I would never admit it,” Strasburg added. “But now that I’ve had something that’s more important, and the priority of being a good dad is more important to me, I think looking back, maybe I did put a little too much emphasis on baseball. Maybe it wasn’t my only thing I was worried about. But it was definitely higher up there than I thought it was.”

While baseball demands a lot of his focus and attention, Strasburg credits his family for keeping him grounded and keeping perspective. When discussing his wife Rachel he said, “We’re very opposite. She’s very easy-going. I need structure. The whole routine, starting and everything, it’s got to be the same every time. That’s where I feel like I’m trying to be willing to adjust, be willing to change a little easier and not get out of whack.”

As for his daughters, “It’s just coming home and making her laugh. That’s the coolest thing. When they start to think you’re funny, then it’s over. Because you just want to make them laugh all the time.”

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