Cavaliers Vet Reveals How NBA Players Really Pass Weed Urine Tests [WATCH]

Getty Lakers guard Dion Waiters.

NBA players enjoy marijuana, some want to make it a legal substance within their collective barganining agreement.


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Well, according to a recent report by NBC Sports’ Tom Haberstroh and Monte Poole a huge majority of players use marijuana and/or CBD products recreationally.

Per NBC Sports: “Six different NBA players, who did not want to be identified, estimated that the percentage of active players using marijuana in some form – buds, edibles, concentrates, CBD oils, lotions, patches – was at least 50 percent and as high as 85 percent.”

To leagualize it or not to legalize it…THAT IS THE QUESTION!

During this week’s episode of the Scoop B Radio podcast, current BIG 3 basketball standout, Larry Sanders who is a former Milwaukee Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers power forward, details what the NBA circle was like when he played.

Check out the transcript from the Scoop B Radio Podcast below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Help me understand something. Scoop B Radio on the line with Larry Sanders… You see guys like Matt Barnes. Al Harrington. Stephen Jackson, being vocal about marijuana use. They’re retired. Look a Major League Baseball. Marijuana is removed from the banned substances list. The NBA is still very staunch about it. We’re not able to get to the fact that people still use marijuana. Do you think that the NBA should amend that rule?

Larry Sanders: Sure. I think the NBA has an issue with image. They have had an issue with controlling the image they want as owners, and the image that we have as players. So I think that – I think maybe it’s too urban and hip-hoppy of an image as more of everybody’s doing it more than it can help with mental health. Control has been a big thing with the NBA. I remember when I was there, you couldn’t wear the s—t that they wear now. I had to wear a suit to the game. I was in the midst of that [laughs]. Like in the midst of you gotta wear a suit, your shoes gotta look nice, I wore some Chuck Taylor’s to the game and my homie told me that your shoes are too cheap [laughs]

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Why’d he say that?

Larry Sanders: Yeah. He said they were too cheap. He said I should be wearing Gucci’s and Louis to the game.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Wow

Larry Sanders: And you know I was sponsored by Converse, I was a rookie getting stuff for free trying to save my money [inaudible bad signal etc.] we were coming to the game wearing sweats and stuff so I’ve seen the image control. I couldn’t tuck my socks into my sweats in warm-ups. Now guys wear their sweat socks in their warm-ups, doo rags and headbands –

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson:
[laughs] it’s a different era. LeBron wears the doo rags, it’s a different era [laughs]

Larry Sanders:
But that was only two years ago!!! Now you gotta go out there and wear a suit and tie so now think about marijuana. Who is representing it for us? Stephen Jackson. The same guys who were involved in the fight. The same guys who you thought were bad boys. The NBA has an image to uphold. They’re trying to cure that.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Help me understand something. In the NBA, guys take urine samples when the trainers do that. How are guys able to beat that system? Are they notified? Do they use someone else’s urine? How does that work where they’re able to beat that?

Larry Sanders: I can only speak for myself personally; marijuana doesn’t stay in my system. Especially when I was playing it was a small amount, so it wouldn’t have to worry about the show up or blow up. Now if you consume it at a higher rate, you would have to take something to detox or dilute the pee. Now I never had to worry about that so, I dunno. If I took two or something, I’m good. But if took a five point people would be like, did he smoke four bags of weed? So my fats level is low but I had to do the research on why things were doing the things they were…

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