Matt Ryan Shares His First Reaction to Tom Brady Joining NFC South

matt ryan

Getty Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan finally broke his silence and revealed his initial reaction to when he heard Tom Brady was signing with the Bucs.

“I was like, you’ve gotta be kidding me, the Bucs, c’mon man,” Ryan told Adam Schein on Mad Dog Sports Radio on Sirius XM.

Before it was announced, Ryan already had a feeling in his gut that Brady was headed to the Bucs.

“Come on down to the NFC South. I kind of, when I heard he wasn’t going back to New England, in my head I’m thinking, man I feel like it’s going to be the Bucs. It might be a good fit. I think they’re moving on from Jameis (Winston), have an opening, have a good defense, good wide receivers. Sure enough my gut was right, he ended up down there. It’s going to be a tough division for sure, but it’ll be fun. Playing against the best is always fun and a great measuring stick of where we’re at.”

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Falcons Will Face Brady Twice Now

Ryan will have to battle Brady not just once, but twice for the new few years since they’re in the same division.

If the Falcons can manage to beat them both times this season then maybe, just maybe, it will put the annoying 28-3 jokes to rest.

But facing Brady and the Bucs isn’t going to be easy. Brady has a top receiver tandem he’ll be throwing two in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Oh and not to mention a cherry-on-top tight end, Rob Gronkowski who is reuniting with his partner in crime after a one-year retirement.

What the Bucs seem to be lacking on paper, however, is a solid offensive line that could very well be in Falcons favor considering they spent this offseason loading their defense.

Matt Ryan Isn’t Intimidate By Brady

Ryan made it clear he isn’t intimidated by Brady and now the Bucs headlining the NFC South along with the Saints.

He’s excited about the competition and has all his focus on his team.

“It’s one of those things, who cares about anybody else”, Ryan said via AJC. “We have to care of our own business…It doesn’t bother me that other people are talked about…I don’t worry about it too much. I try and make sure that we are focused on taking care of our own business.”

Thomas Dimitroff has a lot of faith in Matt Ryan and this year’s 2020 team heading to the championship.

What If Matt Ryan Doesn’t Finish As A Falcon?

Year after year the fans and the media think the Falcons will let go of Ryan, but I can confirm that isn’t happening anytime soon.

However, everyone thought the same about Tom Brady and the Patriots. After 19 seasons in New England and 18 as their starter, it was quite a shock to see Brady head out and down to warmer weather.

Ryan was asked his thoughts on potentially not finishing his career in Atlanta but he only has Georgia on his mind.

“I’ll get there when I get there. At this point, I haven’t had that feeling,” Ryan also said via AJC. I haven’t had that come up or had that situation in front of me. Everybody’s career arc is different. Everybody’s career goes in different directions. One of the things I’ve learned along the way is worry about today. Worry about this year and this season. Then worry about next year and then go from there.”

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