Jayson Tatum Sounds Off on Jaylen Brown, Future With Celtics

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

This offseason will be a pivotal one for the Boston Celtics. They just made their first NBA Finals with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown at the helm and will be looking to win it all next year. But before they get to that point, they will need to finalize their roster this summer.

Brad Stevens already began that process when he signed Danilo Gallinari in free agency and then traded for combo guard Malcolm Brogdon. However, improvement will also have to come internally, as the team’s stars are still so young.

As trade rumors swirl, with Brown reportedly being offered in a package for Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, Tatum spoke to NBC Sports Boston about his relationship with Brown. He said that they aren’t focused on their long-term legacy, which he was asked about, but instead just want to be the “best versions” of themselves.

“We just try to stay in the moment. It’s not necessarily about what our legacy would look like if we did this, that, and the third,” Tatum told NBC Sports Boston. “Just trying to be the best versions of ourselves, the best players that we can be, and compete at the highest level. I think we really took those next steps last season. And we’ll be the first to tell you that we got more to do. More to accomplish. And we’re eager to do so… Despite all the people that said that we couldn’t play together, we always believed that we could.”

Tatum isn’t the only one that believes in the pairing, either.

Celtics Remain Confident in Star Duo

On July 31, Taylor Snow, the Celtics’ team reporter, wrote an article on the team site that, in part, detailed how the star duo has continuously proved the doubters wrong. He noted that, while Boston’s struggles earlier in the season may have fueled the doubt, Tatum and Brown still prevailed.

“During Boston’s early-season struggles, Brown and Tatum’s ability to coexist had been a hot topic among national media talking heads, but the star duo was quick to shut them up after an epic mid-season turnaround and run to the Finals. While it’s true that some star pairings don’t work out, especially when they play a similar position, these two have worked tirelessly over the last five seasons to build chemistry and benefit from their complementary skill sets,” Snow wrote.

Tatum and Brown have played in three Eastern Conference Finals together, but this past season marked the first time they managed to break through and reach the Finals. It will undoubtedly act as a launching point for them.

Snow also mentioned how Tatum and Brown could continue to prove doubters wrong for “years to come.”

‘No Plans of Slowing Down’

While Brown continues to be thrown in trade rumors, the Celtics remain confident in the duo’s ability to compete at a high level for the long run.

“Not only did they prove that they can play together, but they repeatedly emphasized how they want to play together for years to come. They drew motivation from all of the negative outside noise earlier in the season and used that to fuel their Finals run. Now that they’ve established themselves as title contenders, they have no plans of slowing down anytime soon,” said Snow.

There’s no guarantee that the Celtics stay out of the Durant sweepstakes, but this article shows just how confident they are in Brown.

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