A 42-year-old woman in California is accused of the statutory rape of three members of her local high school football team.

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Tyrese Gibson’s new bride is now trophy wife, she’s an accomplished social worker who fights human trafficking.

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Tyrese Gibson’s new wife is a real-life hero. Samantha Lee is a social worker who fights for children and human trafficking victims.

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Photos to remember a life that was ended far too soon.

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A suspect is being sought in Nashville after a young nurse was found brutally murdered inside her apartment.

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An OSU student told Heavy.com that in the wake of Madison Paul’s death, the campus has been swarmed suicide prevention activities.

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Moore is now being linked to Justin Bieber AGAIN! That’s despite her reported relationship with designer Chris Pfaff.

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Justin Bieber was pictured lovingly strolling with Instagram model Ashley Moore in the Hollywood Hills.

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A female freshman at Ohio State University died after falling from a parking structure on campus.

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On February 28, Google has chosen to honor Pakistan’s “Angel of Mercy,” Abdul Sattar Edhi.

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The man celebrated by Google on February famously once said, “No religion is higher than humanity.”

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In the lead-up to the 2017 Oscars, Brian Cullinan had been bragging about his company’s relationship with the academy.

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A transgender teenager is being widely criticized because he wrestled in a girl’s competition. Though Texas law says he had no choice.

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Perhaps it was Teigen who engineered the Best Picture gaffe so that the heat would be taken off of her sleeping antics?

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The family of a 17-year-old transgender boy says he was forced to wrestle girls in a state championship tournament.

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