Brayden Thornbury Dead Facebook

Brayden Thornbury, a standout Ohio high school football player, has been declared brain dead after a car accident. His family now face the agonizing decision about when to take him off life support.

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Todd Pettengill Brendan Tevlin Murder

Wrestling nostalgia junkies might remember Pettengill from his WWE days, but now he’s taking a much more serious tone.

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George Zimmerman Arrested September 2014

Another brush with the law for Zimmerman.

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Erika Murray Charges

Erika Murray will appear in court in Blackstone, Massachusetts, after three dead babies were found in a home. The dead infants were found among used diapers and vermin.

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marine corps base quantico

A sniffer dog has detected a possible bomb in a car outside Quantico Marine Corps Base.

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Ray Donovan Actor 18-year-old Girlfriend

Lyda Loudon is Steven Bauer’s girlfriend. The Scarface actor is 39 years older than her. She’s a Tea Party activist and the daughter of Gina Loudon.

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Lyda Loundon Tea Party Youth

Lyda Loudon is the girlfriend of Scarface and Ray Donovan actor Steven Bauer. She’s 18 years old, Bauer is 57.

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Indiana University shooting

Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana, has tweeted that there is a gunman on campus

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ty hoffman

The main suspect in the murder of his former gay lover and business partner has been arrested in Minnesota.

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