An aspiring NBA player who was the brother of an HBO star was gunned down on the street in an unexplained murder in Los Angeles.

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A 37-year-old woman was gunned down by the LAPD in broad daylight on September 28. The police say that Norma Guzman had been threatening them with a knife.

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Ronnie Pickering stars in the most English road rage video you will ever see. He tells the world: “I’m Ron Pickering!”

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This is the Australian model who says that Justin Bieber’s entourage spiked her drink during a party at a recording studio.

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An Australian model is considering legal action after she says she was drugged while attending a Justin Bieber party at a recording studio.

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A Native American man has been arrested in southern California after two people were shot dead in seemingly random attacks on September 27. The suspect was apparently going door-to-door in the town of Banning looking for his children.

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As a former child star admits he’s been living with HIV, it’s been shown that he has a great man supporting him.

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On September 27 Google wants to you to celebrate their 17 birthday.

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After punching out a bully who was picking on a blind kid, hero Cody Pine was suspended by his school and allegedly kicked off the football team.

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Throughout his political career John Boehner’s wife Debbie has been adamant that she and her husband are “just normal, average people.” Now, with news of Boehner’s imminent retirement, she’ll be thrust back in the spotlight one more time.

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A gay senior at a private Catholic school in Memphis can’t bring a boy to homecoming because of a school policy.

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C’mon Zuckerberg, get it together.

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Chris Christie’s brother had an account on cheating website Ashley Madison and had an affair with a woman he met on there.

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Here are the pictures that celebrate a life that was cut down in its prime. Rest in peace Andrea DelVesco.

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A UCLA sorority is mourning the “loss of their sister” after a horrific fire ripped through an off-campus apartment early on the morning of September 21.

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