Gov. Rick Scott of Florida refused to come out at the start of his debate with former Gov. Charlie Crist because Crist had been given a fan and Scott hadn’t.

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Alan Hruby confessed to murdering his father, John, mother, Tinker, and 17-year-old sister, Katherine, on October 8. He then spent the weekend in Dallas, staying at the Ritz-Carlton.

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After spending the weekend with friends in Dallas, University of Oklahoma freshman Alan Hruby confessed to killing his father, mother and teenage sister.

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Amber Vinson is the second nurse in Dallas to be diagnosed with Ebola. Just hours before exhibiting symptoms of the virus, she flew from Cleveland to Dallas.

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Tristen Kurilla is the 10-year-old who is charged with killing 90-year-old Helen Novak for yelling at him.

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Doug Butzier, an Iowa Senate candidate, was killed in plane crash on October 13.

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Ikey Owens, the keyboard player for Jack White, has been found dead. Owens worked for the Mars Volta before joining White. He had been on tour in Mexico.

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Dr. Luke Gottwald is Kesha’s producer and manager. She’s accusing him of sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse in a new lawsuit.

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One American citizen is dead after being shot in a gas station. The man arrested by police in Saudi Arabia was born in the US.

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Myles Hartsfield is the team captain of the Sayreville War Memorial High School bombers. He’s at the center of the hazing allegations against the school.

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Creepy clowns are “terrorizing” the California communities of Wasco, Delano and Bakersfield, as copycats add a sinister spin to a local social media experiment.

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Nina Pham is the nurse who is being treated for Ebola in Dallas. Pham was treating Thomas Eric Duncan when she got infected.

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Cassidy Charette was killed after an accident in Maine during a harvest hayride. The tragedy happened on Saturday. October 15. Charette was taking the ride with her boyfriend, Connor Garland, who was also injured in the incident.

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A student got his ear sliced off, according to students.

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Cylvia Hayes, Oregon’s first lady, has admitted to marrying an Ethiopian man 15 years ago for money and so he could get a Green Card.

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