Allison Mack’s Sentencing Date Has Not Been Set

Allison Mack Sentencing


Allison Mack’s sentencing date for her racketeering charges in relation to the NXIVM cult and its leader, Keith Raniere, has not been set as of October 2020.

Mack, 38, pleaded guilty to her charges in April 2019. The Associated Press quoted Mack as telling a Brooklyn judge, “I believed Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people, and I was wrong.” Mack added, “I know I can and will be a better person.” The AP report said that Mack was originally due to be sentenced in September 2020 on two racketeering charges. Each charge carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. The agency also noted that Mack was the only of Raniere’s inner-circle to plead not guilty in the case.

The Albany Times Union reported in September 2020 that Mack’s sentencing was postponed “to allow time to complete pre-sentencing reports.”

As of September 2020, Mack Was Rumored to Be Taking Classes at the University of California Berkeley

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GettyMack leaves U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York after a bail hearing, April 24, 2018 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Mack was charged last Friday with sex trafficking for her involvement with a self-help organization for women that forced members into sexual acts with their leader. The group, called Nxivm, was led by founder Keith Raniere, who was arrested in March on sex-trafficking charges. She was released on bail at $5 million.

Vice reported in September 2020 that Mack was taking classes at the University of California Berkeley.

One student wrote about Mack’s presence in classes in a Reddit thread saying, “I’m not trying to start a witch hunt here but she’s a public figure and I think people should know about this so that they don’t share personal info that they wouldn’t want a sex-trafficking cult leader to have.” A TikTok user said, according to Vice, that Mack was taking a gender studies class over the summer of 2020. Another class that Mack was taking is reported to have been “The History and Practice of Human Rights.”

Mack Was Named as a NXIVM Ringleader in a January 2020 Lawsuit

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GettyMack attends the WB Network’s 2002 Summer Party at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel on July 13, 2002 in Hollywood, California.

In January 2020, former NXIVM members including Sarah Edmondson and Raniere’s former girlfriend Toni Natalie filed a lawsuit in Albany, New York, against Raniere and Mack. The lawsuit alleges that Raniere and Mack helped to run a criminal operation that included forced labor and sex trafficking.

Introduction to The SourceKeith Raniere and Allison Mack discuss The Source, a curriculum for actors and artists developed by Mr. Raniere.2017-04-07T01:07:02Z

Mack accused of recruiting female sex slaves for Keith Raniere, 60. In addition, former members allege that Mack coerced “collateral” in the shape of incriminating information or photographs involving the women. This sub-sect within NXIVM was known as Dominus Obsequious Sororium or DOS, according to the January 2020 lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that Mack “worked directly with Raniere to create and run DOS.” In another section, Mack is referred to as a “First Line Master” within DOS. Mack is quoted as saying that sex with Raniere was “no big deal” and “just like playing tennis.” In regard to allegations that women in DOS were branded, the lawsuit accused “Mack, at Raniere’s direction, to make it appear as if the DOS “slave” had asked to be branded.”

Mack originally joined NXIVM in 2006, following her Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk into the group. According to the lawsuit, Mack was one of Raniere’s followers who fled to Mexico in 2018. Raniere was arrested in Mexico in March 2018.

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GettyMack attends the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Ant Bully” at Grauman?s Chinese theatre on July 23, 2006 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

In one section of the lawsuit, a woman alleges that Mack “instructed her to have sex with Raniere, stating that this was a special assignment that would help her get over trauma from past abuse.” The section goes on to say that Mack gave the woman “permission” to enjoy the encounter.

The New York Times quoted Mack as once writing on her official website that she was “insatiable” and that she threw herself “wholeheartedly into experiences.” Mack said that she learned that trait after seeing her mother win her battle against cancer.

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