Saryna Parker, a former middle school teacher, was charged with DUI and child abuse after trying to kiss a police officer during the arrest.

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See photos of Brittney Singletary and Heather Thomas, whom the Miami Herald reports Sen. Frank Artiles’ political committee, Veterans for Conservative Principles, listed as “consultants” in campaign documents.

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John Benjamin Haygood is a 10-year-old Florida boy with autism whose arrest was filmed by his mother last week. “I don’t like to be touched,” he says in the video.

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A Florida state senator is facing pressure to resign after making racist comments directed towards his colleagues.

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Emanual Qosaj, 20, has been charged in an attack on an elderly woman while both were walking their dogs in Palm Harbor. He allegedly choked her with a leash. His brothers were also charged in the incident.

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Abeku Wilson, a trainer at Equinox Fitness Center in the Shops of Merrick Park in Florida, is accused of shooting two co-workers, including gym manager Janine Ackerman.

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An anti-war protest in Jacksonville, Florida grew violent. Watch videos as pro and anti Trump protesters scuffle with police officers.

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Adam Lawson Jr. is accused in the brutal murder of beloved Florida music teacher Deborah Liles.

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Deborah Liles, a popular music teacher, was found murdered inside her Jacksonville, Florida home.

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Allen Cashe is accused of committing a mass shooting in Sanford, Florida that police say was domestic violence related.

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Gina Caze is a Florida mother accused of hurling insults at her daughter, Naika Venant (Nakia), as the teen committed suicide on Facebook Live. She denies it.

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A 64-year-old Florida man is accused of trying to burn down a store he thought was owned by Muslims to “run the Arabs out of our country.”

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Michelle Marie Thompson was arrested last month at the Mets Spring Training facility for allegedly stalking Tim Tebow. She claimed they were in a relationship.

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Stephen Gutierrez is a Miami lawyer who ended an arson trial… by lighting his pants on fire. He says he didn’t do it on purpose.

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Timothy Merriam is accused of being the vandal who carved swastikas into cars parked in a Jewish neighborhood in Miami Beach, Florida.

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One of the biggest mysteries in the Caylee Anthony murder is the identity of her father. Casey Anthony, her mother, said it was one man, but was it really him?

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