Florida Gov. Rick Scott says the Zika Virus has spread in Florida to Miami Beach. See a map and learn about symptoms and other information on Zika in Florida.

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Listen to a stabbed neighbor’s 911 call in the Austin Harrouff face-eating double murder case.

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In a bizarre video that was posted four days before the murders of John and Michelle Stevens, suspect Austin Harrouff tells the world that he doesn’t need drugs.

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Michelle Mishcon Stevens and John Stevens III were murdered in a Florida face-eating attack, allegedly by Austin Harrouff. Photos remembering their lives.

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Authorities in Florida are looking into the possibility that a 19-year-old murder suspect took Flakka before trying to eat the face off of a man.

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Michelle Mishcon Stevens and John Stevens are the Jupiter, Florida couple killed in a face-eating attack allegedly by fraternity member Austin Harrouff.

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Police in Florida say that a college student killed two people before trying to eat their faces.

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Officer Lee Coel is accused by eyewitnesses of shooting Mary Knowlton during a citizen academy role play. He was involved in a videotaped dog mauling incident.

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Dave McKay was a radio host at 99.5 WQYK in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was found dead on Thursday.

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Joseph Anthony Corrao, 45, is accused of attacking Pinky the flamingo at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida. The flamingo had to be euthanized.

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Sally Bradshaw, who ran Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, said today that she’s leaving the Republican Party after Donald Trump’s comments on Khizr Khan.

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Stefan Strawder, an 18-year-old high school basketball player, was killed in a shooting at a Fort Myers club Monday morning.

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Charles Kinsey, a therapist, was shot by North Miami Police while on the ground with his arms up. He was trying to help his autistic patient, who was next to him.

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Charles Kinsey, a therapist helping an autistic patient, was shot by North Miami Police while on the ground with his hands in the air. Watch the video here.

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Colleen Burns, 35, died on Friday after tripping and falling into the Grand Canyon. She lived in Florida and was the Yelp Orlando director.

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William “Clayton” Brumby accidentally shot & killed his son Stephen Brumby, 14, at a Florida gun range. The dad sells church signs and is a religious author.

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