Steven Stark, an elementary school teacher from South Florida, has been missing since October. Family members say his disappearance is completely out of character.

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Gov. Rick Scott of Florida refused to come out at the start of his debate with former Gov. Charlie Crist because Crist had been given a fan and Scott hadn’t.

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Will Campbell of Norland High School in Miami has been named as the nightclub shooting suspect in an attack that left 15 people wounded. He’s 17 years old

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Two people have been killed in the attack, the mall has been evacuated.

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Alisha Jasmine Hessler has been outed as the woman behind Jasmine Tridevil, the “three-breasted woman.”

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Don Spirit killed his daughter, six grandchildren and himself in the horrific murder-suicide shooting of September 18 in Bell, Florida.

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Sean Maguire will replace Jameis Winston in Florida State’s game against Clemson.

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Another brush with the law for Zimmerman.

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Larry and Jane Glazer died when their plane crashed in Jamaica. The couple were Rochester, New York royalty. Here are the images that go some way to celebrate their great lives.

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2 F-15s are on the hunt for an American plane that is heading for Cuba.

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Ismael Santiesteban has been missing since August 28 in Hudson, Florida. He is believed to be with Adam Matos. Matos is a murder suspect wanted in Pasco County.

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14-year-old Lily Hartwell is accused of trying to kill her family in a crime that could be related to the fictional horror creature Slender Man.

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Alicia Stankwick has been missing from her home in Winter Haven, Florida, since July 18. She’s a married mother-of-one who formerly lived in New York.

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Alicia Marie Stankwick has been missing from her home in Winter Haven, Florida since July 18. Here’s what you need to know.

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Joey Grosso had been added to the Miami Hurricanes roster just 24 hours before he died in a scuba accident in Florida.

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Justin Henry, a gymnastics coach, was arrested after he was caught hiding in the closet of a 13-year-old girl with whom he had sex. Henry was found by the girl’s mother.

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