The slain TIME magazine reporter held dual-Israeli citizenship.

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Aharon Sofer Missing

The missing New Jersey student was found dead in a Jerusalem neighborhood.

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Raed al Atar

Raed al Atar was among two high-ranking Hamas commanders the Israeli military said it killed during an air strike Thursday morning.

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Hedy Epstein Arrest

Epstein, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor, was arrested for “blocking an entrance” in St. Louis, Missouri.

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hamas rocket fire video

This rare video purportedly shows Hamas launching rockets at Israel from a dense residential area in Gaza.

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hadar goldin

2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin is an Israeli soldier believed to be kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza in an attack that ended the cease fire.

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christopher gunness cries

The UN spokesperson was on Al Jazeera reacting to the recent bombing of a United Nations school in Gaza.

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On Tuesday, Israel bombed the only power plant supplying electricity to Gaza. See the aftermath pictures here.

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joan rivers anti palestine

TMZ caught Joan Rivers giving a giant rant about the conflict in Israel and Gaza. Watch it here.

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third intifada

The current conflict between Israel and Gaza may lead to the Third Intifada, a period of heightened resistance and violence.

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