Eric Francis

Eric Francis is a Heavy contributor based in Vermont who has covered crime and spot news as a reporter and photojournalist across New England for over three decades.
  • Officer-Involved Shooting in Rutland, Vermont, Under Investigation

    At least one Rutland City, Vermont, police officer fired on a car with two men inside while investigating a suspected drug deal shortly after midnight

  • Trained Dogs Can Sniff Out COVID-19

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Could Last for Two More Years

  • Newly Created Antibody Neutralizes Coronavirus in Laboratory Tests

  • Easter is also “Peak Ventilator Day” for the United States

  • Coronavirus Prompts Calls to Ban Sales of Cigarettes, Vapes and Pot

    Because smokers of all types do worse than non-smokers if they contract COVID-19 some health officials are calling for states to temporarily ban sales of cigarettes, vaping products and marijuana until the pandemic is over

  • Ventilators May Make Most COVID-19 Patients Worse Instead of Better

  • Far-Ultraviolet Light May Kill Airborne Coronavirus Without Harming Humans

  • States Are Being Urged to Ban Alcohol Sales During the Pandemic

  • Scientists Find Way to Safely Re-Use N95 Face Masks

  • Hospital Ships USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy Will Sail to New York and Los Angeles Harbors

    Hospital Ship Heading for New York

  • More Ventilators Being Made as Manufacturers Race Against the Virus

  • Government Is Considering Sending Every American Worker $1,200 as Global Recession Looms

  • Temporary Hospitals and Military Medical Brigades May Be Needed Soon for Coronavirus Patients in the United States

  • Casinos are Shutting Down over Coronavirus Fears

  • The National Guard Is Responding to COVID-19 Coronavirus National Emergency

  • Massachusetts Declares a State of Emergency after Coronavirus Cases Double Overnight

  • Dartmouth Employee Exposes Others to Coronavirus After Breaking Quarantine

  • Boston Cancels St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Coronavirus Fears