Makenzie Alspaw

Makenzie is a Heavy contributor covering politics and breaking news. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in English and Mediterranean Studies. Previously, Makenzie worked on the Hill as a congressional intern. She is based in Arlington, VA.
  • Jarrett Tonn: Vallejo Police Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting Has a History of Violence

    Several law enforcement sources have identified Officer Jarrett Tonn as the officer who fatally shot 22-year old Sean Monterrosa on June 2

  • Javier Ambler: Video Shows Texas Man Who Died in Police Custody

  • Tyler Timberlake: Fairfax County, Virginia, Police Officer Arrested

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  • 3 Accused in Right-Wing Terror Plot to Spark Violence at Las Vegas Protests

  • Sean Monterrosa: 22-Year-Old Fatally Shot by Vallejo Police While Kneeling

    On June 2, a Vallejo police officer fatally shot Sean Monterrosa, a 22-year-old who was on his knees when the officer opened fire

  • James Miller: Adviser Resigns in Letter to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

  • Wendy’s Faces Backlash on Twitter After Franchise Donates $440,000 to Trump

  • Atlanta DA Charges 6 Police Officers After Violent Arrests Are Caught on TV

  • Colinford Mattis: Ivy League Lawyer Arrested in New York Molotov Cocktail Incident

  • Jared Yuen: Protesters Call for San Jose Police Officer to Be Fired

    On Saturday, Officer Jared Yuen was filmed on multiple occasions cursing at and acting aggressively toward protesters during a rally in San Jose

  • Wesley Somers: Man Charged With Arson in Nashville Courthouse Fire

  • Mark Gardner & Ivory Streeter: Atlanta Officers Fired After Review of ‘Disturbing’ Bodycam Footage

  • Sean Cordicon: Trump Retweets Now-Suspended QAnon Follower

  • Messiah Young & Taniyah Pilgrim: Atlanta Students Arrested & Tased on Live TV

  • WATCH: Police in Minneapolis Pepper Spray Reporter While He’s on the Ground

  • WATCH: Nashville City Hall Set On Fire After George Floyd Rally

  • Cowboys for Trump Leader Says the ‘Only Good Democrat Is a Dead Democrat’

  • Former President Barack Obama Reacts to George Floyd’s Death

  • WATCH: ‘Shocking’ Video Shows SUV Driver Run Over a George Floyd Protester in Denver

    In a video published on Twitter, a black SUV plows through a crowd of demonstrators at a protest for the death of George Floyd.

  • Woman Learned She Was Pregnant 2 Hours Before Giving Birth: TikTok Video

  • Trump Signs Executive Order Opening the Door for Federal Regulators to Punish Social Media Companies

  • Soldier Ran Over Active Shooter With His Car on Kansas Bridge, Police Say

  • Larry Kramer Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • CDC Warns About Aggressive Rats After COVID-19 Social Distancing

    The CDC has issued a warning about "aggressive" and "unusual" rodent behavior during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Copper Stallion Media: Texas Wedding Company Sparks Outrage

  • Morgan Wallen: Singer Arrested at Kid Rock’s Bar in Nashville, Tennessee

  • Cicadas to Emerge in the American South After 17 Years Underground

  • Massive Early Morning Fire Erupts On Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

  • Jo Rae Perkins: QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Wins GOP Support in U.S. Senate Race

    Jo Rae Perkins, a real estate agent, financial planner, and avowed QAnon conspiracy theorist, won the GOP primary for the Oregon seat in the U.S. Senate