Deavan & Jihoon on 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way: Are They Still Together?

Deavan & Jihoon, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Jihoon and Deavan, stars of the hit TLC series "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way."

Deavan and Jihoon, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Wayappear to still be together today, although it’s unclear if the two are still living together in South Korea. Deavan shared a now-deleted throwback photo on Instagram in June of the two together and captioned the photo “Back when Jihoon and I were still long distance. LOL we would match our outfits,” according to In Touch Weekly. However, the photo is no longer on her page, so it’s unclear where the two are today.

The reality stars are already facing some serious issues on the current season of The Other Wayonce Deavan arrived back in South Korea with the kids, she was disappointed with Jihoon’s lack of preparation regarding their new apartment and his financial situation. The reality star actually threatens to leave South Korea with her mother after the two get into an argument during the July 6 episode of the show, so the stars are clearly still trying to work through some obstacles in their relationship. Keep reading for details:

Deavan is Frustrated With Jihoon’s Lack of Preparation After She Arrives Back in South Korea

For those who need a recap, Deavan and her mother Elicia arrived in South Korea during last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, and they were not impressed when they pulled up to Deavan and Jihoon’s new apartment, which appeared to be on a bad side of town.

The July 6 episode expands on Deavan’s frustration, with the reality star blaming Jihoon for not properly checking out the place before she arrived. After they look around the apartment and see how small it actually is, Deavan’s mother pulls Jihoon aside and tells him how disappointed she is and expresses her concern with Deavan and the kids living there.

Deavan and Jihoon then get into a big fight, with a visibly frustrated Jihoon promising Deavan that he would sort everything out while asking her to stay in South Korea. However, Deavan doesn’t believe him and threatens to leave with the kids when her mother heads back to the U.S.

“This neighborhood very sucks, Deavan get mad at me,” Jihoon says during a confessional. “I want cry. Everybody disappointed in me. This situation is very messed up because of me.” Deavan adds, “The apartment does not look like any of the pictures. There’s not even a living room, there’s not even really a kitchen, there’s no stove top … it’s probably the smallest apartment I’ve ever stayed in. There’s barely any room to put my suitcase.”

Jihoon then reminds Deavan that she’s the one who rented the place, which doesn’t sit well with the reality star. She tells her husband, “You should have been in charge of finding the apartment, not me,” and when he admits that it’s his fault she responds, “Yeah it is your f–king fault.” She then adds during a confessional, “He’s supposed to be a husband and a father but he can’t even look at an apartment for us. It just feels like I’m doing all the heavy lifting in this relationship and he has not done anything so far.”

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There Are Very Few Pictures of One Another on Instagram, Although Deavan & Jihoon Appear to Still Be Together Today

Although the two are facing a plethora of problems this season, they appear to still be together today. As mentioned earlier in this article, Deavan posted a now-deleted throwback picture of her and Jihoon together, which mentioned a time when they were “still in a long distance relationship,” so we have a feeling the two are still together and in South Korea today, despite her threats to go back to the U.S.

Neither reality star posts much about the other on social media at the moment, although that’s not altogether surprising or uncommon during a new season. Both Deavan and Jihoon have nondisclosure agreements with the network which stops the stars from sharing much about their relationship while the show is still airing, so we likely won’t get an update from either 90 Day star until the new season wraps up.

Jihoon rarely posts on Instagram to begin with, and Deavan primarily posts photos of her modeling gigs and children. Deavan’s most recent post features a picture of their son Taeyang on Independence Day. The caption reads, “My little dude is ready to party and celebrate. Happy Fourth of July everyone!” while Jihoon’s most recent post is just a picture of his motorbike. 

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